Rules and terms for passport restoration if lost

Legal basis

Regulatory documentation regulating the procedure for registration, conditions for issuing and using a passport include:

  • Presidential Decree No. 232 of March 13, 1997;
  • Government Decree No. 828 of 07/08/97;
  • Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 851 of November 13, 2017

The legislative framework contains principles for registering Russians, instructions for changing and re-issuing a document. Also approved are the deadlines for issuing a passport, a person’s responsibilities in relation to it, and responsibility for its use and storage. Separately, information about the document is presented: features of paper, signs, distribution of seals and stamps, pages.

Upon reaching 14 years of age, a person receives a passport and undertakes to keep it carefully. Throughout its life, a document is subject to scheduled replacement many times. Loss or theft of a passport is grounds for obtaining a new one. In this case, the citizen must take action to inform the authorized body (the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) about the loss and to issue another identity card.

Important! For the loss and improper storage of a passport, sanctions are imposed on a citizen under Art. 19.16 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, which provide for a warning or penalty in the amount of 100 to 300 rubles.

If a person, after discovering a loss, does not report it and does not receive a new document, additional prosecution is possible under Art. 19.15 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. The amount of deduction, how much is collected from Russians for untimely change or absence of a passport, in 2021 amounts to up to 3 thousand rubles. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the amount can increase to 5 thousand rubles.

Notifying a government agency about the loss of a passport serves as a guarantee of the safety of its owner. Otherwise, a person may become a participant in fraudulent schemes.

When sending an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the lost document is considered invalid. That is, when a lost passport is used by third parties to conduct transactions (appealing loans, buying and selling, etc.), they are considered void, and the former owner is not liable for them.

Temporary ID

Temporary identity cards are issued by UVM employees. Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dated November 13, 2017 N 851 “On approval of the Administrative Regulations...” establishes the form of this document in Appendix No. 2.

The temporary identity card has a limited validity period and is withdrawn after the citizen receives the main passport. The document measures 176 x 125 mm and is produced on punched card paper. Issued to a citizen on the day of application based on the submitted application.

Sample application

After losing your passport, you need to contact the police department with a statement about the loss. The form requires you to indicate the fact that the document was lost or stolen. In the latter case, the procedure is more complex and lengthy, because employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs open a criminal case.

If there is no firm certainty of theft, it is recommended to indicate the fact of loss in the application. This will simplify the recovery procedure. In any case, after informing the government department in writing, the old passport is cancelled.

The application is filled out randomly, detailing the purpose of the application and describing the details of the incident (place and time of loss). The details of the previous passport (if available) are entered into the form and the date of submission is indicated.

It is recommended to submit a statement to the government department directly on the day of the loss. When registering, you are allowed to use the sample that is available in the department. In exchange for the application, the employee of the organization issues a coupon notification of its acceptance - the document acts as confirmation of information. You can then restore your passport at the Department of Internal Affairs or contact the MFC.

The procedure is launched on the basis of an application in Form 1P. The passport renewal form contains the following information:

  • FULL NAME. Russian citizen, date and place of birth;
  • information about marriage, spouse;
  • information about parents and children;
  • citizenship;
  • contacts - phone, email;
  • the reason for replacing the passport (loss), information about it;
  • information about residence, registration, including temporary;
  • Full name who accepted the application;
  • date of submission, acceptance of paper and receipt of a new passport;
  • signature of the citizen and authorized person.

The application is made electronically or filled out by hand. But they must put a personal signature.

Intermediation services in obtaining a passport

Currently, there are many commercial organizations that provide intermediary services in obtaining a passport, including in the event of its loss. People turn there if they don’t have the time or desire to do the paperwork themselves. Employees of these commercial organizations fill out the necessary forms, including an application for loss of a passport using the sample for the applicant. However, these services usually significantly increase the cost of obtaining a passport. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not recommend contacting such companies. To avoid possible problems, it is better to go through the entire procedure yourself.

Required documents for recovery

To issue a new passport, a list of required papers is submitted to the government department:

  • Coupon notification of acceptance of a statement by the police.
  • Form for receiving a new document (according to Form 1 P).
  • 2 photos 35 by 45 mm without headdress, front view, black and white or color. If it is necessary to provide a citizen with a temporary passport, an additional photo will be required. If religious beliefs require the presence of a headdress in front of strangers, it is allowed to be photographed wearing it.
  • Document on change of name and new birth certificate - if such a procedure was previously carried out.
  • Papers about marriage, divorce.
  • Information about minor children.
  • Military ID or other military registration documents.
  • Receipt for payment of state duty or fine.
  • Papers confirming registration at the address of residence or stay (extract from the house register). You can obtain the document at the MFC.
  • International passport - required to add a stamp to a new identity card.

If the set of papers is insufficient, the application is completed incorrectly, there are signs of unreliable information or falsification of documentation, reinstatement will be denied. The person is informed about this in writing, indicating the reasons on which the process was stopped.

After correcting the errors, you should contact the government department again to obtain an identity card, but the state fee will have to be paid again.

Documents are presented in the form of originals; if there is a copy of a lost passport, it is submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the absence of a notification coupon, the date of the visit and the details of the institution where the citizen applied should be written in the statement of loss.

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The receipt for payment of the state duty can be obtained on the website of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and paid in advance.

What are the risks?

If your lost passport ends up in the hands of fraudsters, theoretically, they can take out loans for it. Banks are required to check documents against a database of invalid passports. In order for your document to end up there, you need to file a statement of loss with the police as quickly as possible.

By writing a statement about the loss, you insure yourself against these undesirable consequences. Even if it later turns out that someone took out a loan in your name, you can easily challenge this in court based on your statement to the police.

Where to go

To get a new passport to replace your lost one, you should first visit the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fill out a statement of loss. You are allowed to contact the registered address or any other address, but in the first case the duration of the procedure is shorter.

It is possible to restore a passport through the MFC - the organization acts as an intermediary between the government agency and the citizen. The center does not process the document - it transfers the received papers to the UVM department.


The government agency is responsible for issuing and replacing general civil passports, including in the event of their loss. To be reinstated, the owner must come to the branch in person, presenting an application and a package of accompanying papers.

To quickly obtain a passport, it is recommended to directly contact the UVM office at the registration address. It is not possible to make an appointment in advance at all government agencies. There is an option on the official portal that allows you to implement this function online.

But in practice, in most departments admission is carried out on a first-come, first-served basis. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has special days and hours for processing and issuing passports. You can find out the appointment schedule by contacting information by phone or on the website of a particular department.

You can go to the UVM by first registering through the State Services portal (if you have a confirmed appointment). The department will need to send an application electronically and scanned documents, following a step-by-step algorithm. In response, you will receive a notification about the date and time of your appointment.

A receipt for payment of the fee can be obtained from the department. After personally presenting the package of papers and application to the employee, he issues a receipt of acceptance indicating the date the certificate is ready. If necessary, a citizen is issued a temporary passport. Only its owner can pick up the document on the appointed date.


Through the center it is allowed to send papers for passport restoration. However, to do this, a person must present a notification coupon received from the police in addition to the standard set of documentation. He confirms that the Russian reported the loss of his ID. If a citizen did not report the loss, he will be denied registration through an intermediary.

When sending papers through the MFC, they are transferred to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 2-3 days. You can make an appointment at the center in advance by phone or through the website, which will allow you to avoid standing in line. You are welcome to come without prior arrangement. In this case, admission is carried out using electronic coupons on a first-come, first-served basis.

After handing over the papers, the center specialist will provide a receipt confirming their acceptance indicating information about when and where you can get a passport. Please note that you cannot issue a temporary identity card through the MFC - it is issued only by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We send documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The collected documents for the restoration of a Russian passport must be submitted to the authorized department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (as a rule, these are former passport offices of the Federal Migration Service - created when the department was not yet included in the Ministry of Internal Affairs). You can send documents there through the mediation of the MFC, if such institutions exist in the locality in which the citizen lives.

At the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the MFC, upon request, the applicant is issued a certificate certifying the acceptance of documents, as well as a temporary identity document while the passport is being prepared. That is, if these documents were not offered by an employee of the institution accepting the application for a new passport, you must ask for them.

The new passport will be ready:

  • within 10 days - if the documents were submitted to the authorized body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the locality in which the applicant lives;
  • within 30 days if the documents were submitted to an institution located in another locality or region.

It will need to be collected from the same authorized body to which the documents were submitted. Or - in the same branch of the MFC. It should be borne in mind that the passport does not arrive at the MFC immediately after production, but within 3 days after that.

Recovery time and cost

The document can be restored in any subject of the Russian Federation where the citizen currently resides. However, at the government agency at the registration address, the registration process will take less time.

The duration of the process at the place of registration is 10 days. If the change of document is executed at a different address, the period increases to 30 days from the date of receipt of papers from the citizen.

The cost of replacement if a passport is lost or damaged is 1,500 rubles. Unlike other state fees, this amount cannot be repaid at a discount through the State Services portal.

An administrative sanction is also imposed on the citizen - for the loss of a document, he must pay a fine of 100 to 300 rubles.

If a person is late in receiving a passport (more than 1 month after loss), he faces additional deduction for his absence - 3-5 thousand rubles. for those living in Moscow and St. Petersburg, 2-3 thousand rubles. — for the population of other constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

How to write a loss statement correctly

A statement regarding the loss of a document, unlike a complaint, will not contain a request for any action to be taken by the authorized bodies. It will only notify you that it is missing.

applications for the loss of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation in writing

The application must contain the following information:

  • Personal data of the person who has lost his passport;
  • Full name of the government agency;
  • Date and time of loss;
  • Circumstances under which the document disappeared.

How to fill out the application header

In the header you must indicate:

  • The full name and number of the department of the authority where the document is drawn up;
  • The position and name of the head of the police department to whom the appeal is addressed (it is not necessary to write the title);
  • Residence address;
  • Home or mobile phone number.

Providing personal data of the applicant

At the police station, a citizen of the Russian Federation should present one of the documents that will help verify his identity. It can be:

  • Driver license;
  • Birth certificate;
  • International passport, etc.

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Before drawing up an application, it is better to check with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs whether this department has additional requirements on this issue.

First name, last name and patronymic are written in full form. You can indicate both the place of registration and the address of actual residence. It is also necessary to clarify that the applicant is aware of the criminal liability for giving false testimony.

How to correctly indicate the circumstances that led to the loss

In the body of the application, the citizen must indicate the reason why he lost his passport. In case of independent damage or loss of the document, the applicant is subject to a fine - from one to three hundred rubles. Sanctions are imposed on the basis of Article 19.16 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations. In some cases, a warning may be sufficient.

In addition, you should take into account the date that will be written on the paper. If the Ministry of Internal Affairs considers that too much time has passed since the date of loss, the applicant will be charged a larger amount - from 2 to 5 thousand rubles.

It turns out that in this case, a citizen of the Russian Federation lived in the country without the main document that establishes his identity. This is a serious administrative violation that entails a fine in accordance with Article 19.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

If the passport was stolen, this must be indicated in the body of the application. The victim enters the names of eyewitnesses or witnesses and may ask that the perpetrators be held accountable. There are no fines for document theft.

Differences in the application if your passport is lost

If a foreign passport is lost, a person fills out the same statement as in the case of a lost regular passport. The only difference is that this document is not mandatory, which means there are no penalties for its loss.

Is it possible to restore in another city?

If a person has lost his passport in the Russian region where he is temporarily staying, he is allowed to change it after returning home. But if you stay in a foreign city for a long time, you can restore the document where the loss occurred. In this situation, the processing time is up to 1 month.

However, in any case, an application for a missing passport must be sent immediately to the police department where the person is currently staying.

If, due to the loss of your identity card, it is impossible to return home, it is advisable to contact the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and issue a temporary document for 10 days.

Where to submit the package of documents

Documentation is transferred to migration departments:

  • directly on a first-come, first-served basis or by appointment;
  • through MFC.

Documents will be accepted in any department, regardless of the place of permanent/temporary registration.

In return, they will issue a receipt, inform you about the production time and the date of receipt of the new document (see also how to obtain a new type of international passport).

Acceptable deadlines for obtaining a new passport:

  • for permanent residents of their hometown, the period is 10 days;
  • for those who arrived from another city and do not have registration or when the passport was issued by a third-party department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the production time may take up to 1 month.

Grounds for refusal to accept documents or issue a new passport:

  • when checking an application for a passport replacement, inaccurate or incomplete information was revealed;
  • an incomplete list of documents was provided, including the absence of a receipt for payment of state duty;
  • personal photographs did not meet the requirements;
  • the status of a citizen of the Russian Federation was not confirmed.

This list is exhaustive, there cannot be any other reasons.

Before issuing a passport, you can request a temporary replacement certificate, for which you must attach an additional 1 photograph to the special application.

If your lost passport is found, but a new one has not yet been issued

If the lost document is discovered after the application and other papers have been sent to the government department, it must be brought to the place where you applied for a new one - to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (clause 139.5 of Order No. 851). The previous passport is considered invalid and therefore cannot be used.

If the loss is discovered before the papers are sent for re-issuance of the document, it is allowed to withdraw the application. If government officials have not yet canceled the old passport, it remains valid and does not lose legal force.

The loss of an identity document must be reported to the police immediately. This will protect the citizen from the actions of fraudsters and will allow you to start the procedure for re-issuing a passport. To obtain it, you should contact the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs directly or through intermediaries - the MFC or the State Services portal.

What to do, where to go first if you have lost your passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation?

What to do, where to go first if you have lost your passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation?
If you suddenly find that such an important document as a passport is lost, do not be upset or panic. The main thing is that you noticed it immediately. So, what to do, where to go first if you have lost your passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation? Here are the tips:

  • First, remember where you last went with this document. Perhaps you forgot it and to find it, you just need to come and pick up your passport.
  • If there was a theft (in the subway, at the entrance, on the street or in another place), then things are more complicated. You must immediately contact the nearest police station. Provide an application written in any form, a photo - 2 pieces and a receipt for payment of the state duty.

An application must be submitted so that the police will record the fact of theft and enter your document into the database. This is an excellent warning against fraudulent activities (false loans, real estate fraud, and so on).

Advice: The police will give you a tear-off coupon - this is evidence that your document is really lost, and the statement was accepted by the police.

Reasons for refusal to accept documents and issue a passport

There are a number of reasons why an authorized employee has the right to refuse to accept documents from an applicant. These include:

  • incorrectly or incompletely completed application 1-P;
  • incomplete set of documents;
  • provision of photographs that do not meet established requirements.

When using the State Services portal, the submitted application will be returned in the following cases:

  • filling it out incorrectly;
  • sending a photograph that does not meet the requirements;
  • failure to provide photographs.

There are only three reasons why a person may be refused a passport after receiving documents:

  • he is not a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • when filling out the application, the citizen provided false information;
  • There is no data in the system confirming payment of the state duty.

Important note! If an authorized employee refuses to accept documents or issue a passport, and the applicant does not agree with this, a written notification should be required, with a mandatory indication of the reason for the refusal.

With this paper you need to go to an appointment with the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to which the application was submitted, and defend your rights. If this does not help, contact a higher authority, and then go to court.

Innovations you should know about

If you had an old-style passport and lost it, you will receive a new document in return - a biometric one. This is an electronic passport that everyone receives from 2021. To go through all the necessary procedures to create it, you need to go to the FMS in person or submit an application through the website. If you don’t like long queues or cannot be distracted for a long time, then it is better to choose the second method of contact – through the website. In this case, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • register on the platform;
  • write a statement according to the form provided on the website;
  • upload a photo;
  • wait until the scan is completed.

When all the information has been collected, you will receive notifications about the day when you need to go to the migration service. There is no single appointment date, so the time will be assigned individually. Please note that it will not be possible to miss or reschedule your appointment time.

Some nuances

Let's take a closer look at some of the features of passport restoration.

Is it possible to restore a passport if all documents have been stolen?

As we found out, as a standard, in order to receive a fresh passport to replace a stolen one, you do not need to submit any special documents to confirm your identity. All information specified in the application will be checked by the migration department employees themselves.

Attention! There are situations when, in the process of checking information, employees of the authorized body cannot establish the identity of a person.

For example, the file cabinet with data about the lost passport was not preserved. To confirm his identity, a citizen will need additional documents: international passport, birth and marriage certificates, work record book, driver’s license, SNILS, etc.

In the most exceptional cases, if all documents are stolen and it is not possible to obtain the necessary information, the citizen’s identity can be confirmed on the basis of witness testimony and various studies, including forensics.

Is it possible to speed up receipt?

The law does not provide for an expedited procedure for issuing a passport. The only possible way is to submit an application at your place of residence, then the waiting period will be reduced from 30 to 10 days.

What to do if the document is lost in another city?

A person has the right to submit an application both at his place of residence and at his place of stay. The only difference will be the difference in the passport production time. Migration Department employees will need additional time to receive information from the unit located at the applicant’s place of residence.

If your passport is lost, or even stolen, you should not hesitate to restore it. The document is issued by the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is where you need to go, having previously paid the state fee.

Filling out an application through the State Services portal will help reduce waiting time in queues and save money. Depending on the place of application, it will take from 10 to 30 calendar days to issue a new document.

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