Where and how can you register a person in a privatized apartment?
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Grounds and procedure for registering a wife at the place of registration of her husband and other nuances of registration of relatives
Today, the issue of registration among citizens is especially acute. And it is not always possible to register
Instructions: draw up a receipt for no claims
The termination of any obligation must be confirmed by certain documents. One of them is a receipt for
Registration of ownership of a cooperative apartment
Registration of ownership of a cooperative apartment
Cooperative apartments are not subject to privatization due to the fact that they do not belong to the state. Knowing
What is a commission when renting apartments and for what services is it charged?
In the modern real estate market, transactions between citizens are rarely concluded without the help of third parties. Majority
Land owner's right
Who is the owner of a land plot, his rights and obligations in 2021
Acquisition of rights When purchasing a plot of land, a citizen in addition can receive a list of certain possibilities. Having in
Passport and documents
Registration of a newborn or minor child
Registration of a child at the place of residence is a mandatory procedure regulated by law. Before reaching 14 years of age
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Application to the interdepartmental commission to recognize a house as unsafe, sample
Home / Housing disputes / Emergency housing / Application to the interdepartmental commission for recognition
signing a document
Registration in an apartment or loft: is it possible to register according to the law?
What is a loft? A loft is understood as a room that was previously non-residential and used in industrial
Is it possible to buy a non-privatized apartment?
When looking for an apartment to buy, you may encounter a situation where a suitable real estate option
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