How to get a child's birth certificate in 2021?
An insert to the birth certificate confirming the citizenship of the child is especially necessary if the parents want to leave
Transport tax in 2021: table, rates, changes
What happens if you don’t pay the transport tax on time? What is a “penalty”, is it necessary?
Transport tax
Transport tax 2020: when to pay, what benefits and discounts are there?
One of the most controversial issues in modern taxation in Russia is the payment of transport
The games are over, the cadastre has arrived. How much is land in 2021
How to rent a plot of land from the state: price, conditions and rules for participation in bidding
How does the divorce procedure work?
Absentee divorce decree: what does it mean, how to cancel
When a man and woman get married, neither of them thinks about what might happen
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Property (real estate) tax for pensioners from 2021, how to get an apartment tax benefit
The existing legislative framework involves the collection of real estate taxes from tax residents of the Russian Federation. This fee
How paternity is established and alimony is collected
Author of the article: Roman Gavrilov Last modified: March 2021 2215 Establishment of paternity and recovery
Registration of real estate for cadastral registration: cost and timing in 2021
Registration of a land plot for cadastral registration is a necessary procedure for obtaining a certificate of state
calculate the state duty
How to find out a court decision in the Russian Federation by last name in 2021
In the process of conducting business, companies encounter various disputes and conflict situations. This
Who pays the notary: the seller or the buyer of the apartment
Who pays for notary services when buying an apartment? This question puzzles a large number of people gathering
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