Enforcement proceedings for dummies. First acquaintance with the bailiff service.
It is generally accepted that the main thing is to win the trial. Indeed, without an appropriate court decision to protect
Experts spoke about the pitfalls when buying a secondary home
Experts spoke about the pitfalls when buying secondary housing Properties on the secondary housing market
Bankruptcy procedure for an individual 2021 - stages and secrets
The bankruptcy procedure for individuals has been available to Russians since October 2015. However, many citizens
Is it possible to restore Russian citizenship?
General rules for restoring Russian citizenship, important nuances and step-by-step description of the procedure
Grounds and main stages Who is eligible? The possibility of restoration of citizenship of the Russian Federation is indicated
CLAIM for a refund if the policyholder refuses the voluntary insurance contract within 14 days
Legal norms Insurance, like almost any contract, has the possibility of being cancelled. In practice, early termination
Can bailiffs withdraw money from a salary card without warning?
Conditions for imposing a penalty Bailiffs have the right to withdraw money from a bank account,
Claim terms
Collecting a loan by a bank through the court: advice from lawyers for debtors
There is no law in the Russian Federation that would establish a minimum debt threshold for a creditor to apply
How to return the money written off from the card if the court decision was overturned: we understand the reversal of execution
There are often cases when a bailiff wrote off all the money from a salary card on the basis of a judicial
How can the debtor's relatives protect their property from bailiffs?
What will the bailiffs take first? They'll start with money, because it's easier to take.
Mortgage refinancing
How to refinance a mortgage: step-by-step instructions 2020-2021
It is worth noting that refinancing is becoming a more popular banking procedure every year. This is due
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