Agreement with a real estate agency for the sale or purchase of an apartment
A contract for the provision of real estate services is an agreement under which one party, on behalf of the other
autumn call 2018
Autumn conscription 2021 in Russia - dates, changes, who will be called up
The period is approaching when many young people freeze in anticipation of a summons from the military registration and enlistment office. This
Collection under a writ of execution through a bank: news
Litigation can take a long time and in different instances. However, the result of the whole process
How to check whether there is a ban on traveling abroad - find out online whether you are traveling or not
Who is usually prohibited from traveling abroad There are those who are aware of the existing personal restrictions
Is it possible to suspend the activities of an individual entrepreneur?
How to survive administrative suspension of activities
When starting a business, every entrepreneur hopes that everything will go well and big profits will no longer be possible.
What to do if an accident occurs
Features of compulsory motor liability insurance in case of an accident: will the culprit receive payment in 2021
It is simply impossible to predict an accident in advance, but they are happening more and more often. The damaged car requires quality
How to postpone a court hearing in an arbitration court
The grounds for postponing a court hearing in an arbitration court are the circumstances provided for by the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, in
Do you know how to properly re-register an apartment to another owner? Read the expert's recommendations!
When does ownership transfer? Where and how can I re-register property? Transfer of ownership to
VS: Subrogation and recourse give rise to various legal consequences
The Civil Code has a chapter devoted to issues of obligations due to harm, otherwise called tortious.
Representation of interests in court in accordance with the Code of Administrative Proceedings of the Russian Federation
Everyone has the right to protect their rights by means not prohibited by law, in particular, everyone has the right
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