Peculiarities of establishing the fact of recognition of paternity under Article 50 of the RF IC
How to establish paternity through court: step-by-step instructions
Family law provides that children born in marriage are considered sons and daughters of their husband
Divorce in court: sample application, documents, deadlines and state duty in 2021
Separation, especially after many years of marriage, is a difficult period in a person’s life. If the spouses
The need for a marriage stamp in a passport: document endorsement
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How to apply for divorce through the Internet portal of State Services
8 The emergence of the State Services website, through which you can reduce the time and improve the quality of receiving services
how to write a positive testimonial
Sample characteristics of your child from parents
Characteristics of the parent: sample depending on the structure - complete / single-parent family, with clarification, according to
Voluntary payment of alimony with or without agreement
8 Stable and trusting relationships between spouses after divorce or maintaining contact between parents
All about patronage. How to become a foster carer and get paid for it?
Added to bookmarks: 0 What is patronage? Description and definition of the concept. Patronage is
Performance list. Sample
Debt collection rules. Who and how can demand repayment of the debt from you?
Who can demand repayment of the debt We will immediately determine the organizations that have every right to collect the debt
Spouses are preparing mentally for divorce
Material, moral and psychological aspects of preparing for divorce
Divorce is something that seems impossible at the initial stage of a relationship and is extremely undesirable.
Marriage: conditions for marriage, rights and obligations of spouses
In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (in particular, clause 2 of article 1 of the RF IC)
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