In connection or in connection: how to spell the word correctly?
Spelling “in connection”: parts of speech, errors, correct forms, meaning, examples of use
After all, the Russian language is an almost infinite number of “traps”, including for those
Employment contract with a cleaner in 2021. Sample document
The structure of the employment contract concluded with the cleaner. What is noteworthy is that the contract that will be concluded with the cleaner
Part-time work 2021-2022: how in practice and what’s new in legislation: digest
The definition of part-time work is given in Art. 282 Labor Code: this is the employee performing other regular paid work
doctors of the medical center
Employee medical record: registration, renewal and recording
Medical examinations and the purposes of their implementation The obligation of workers to undergo medical examinations is established by the Labor Code and
How to change the wording of dismissal by court decision
Work books reflect the main nuances of relationships with employers: each subsequent employer will know exactly
VVK for the Ministry of Emergency Situations
VVK when entering service in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs: requirements, doctors, tests, passing.
Who needs a commission and why? The military medical commission is needed for all persons who wish
Art dismissal at one's own request
Grounds for termination of an employment contract under Art. 77 Labor Code of the Russian Federation
Expert consultation Dismissal at the initiative of an employee is the most common and safest way to part ways
shortened work week
Shortened working week according to the Labor Code. Transfer to part-time work
Talks about introducing a four-day working week have begun to be heard more and more often - they are being spurred on by the pandemic.
What to do if the employer does not sign the resignation letter
From the article you will learn: According to the norms of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee has the right at any time to
Deductions based on writs of execution: we determine the amount and terms of deduction in difficult situations
Maximum amount of withholding In general, under a writ of execution (several documents), the debtor may
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