Child benefits: what payments should you expect in 2021

The birth of a child is associated with inevitable expenses, so the legislator has provided, albeit small, monetary assistance for parents. They are paid a lump sum benefit upon the birth of a child in 2021. But not everyone knows where to go for an appointment, what size is relevant today, and when the funds should be provided.

Benefits for registering in early pregnancy

This payment is due to those who contacted an antenatal clinic with a pregnancy period of up to 12 weeks. Federal Law of May 19, 1995 N 81-FZ.
This is how the state encourages expectant mothers to begin medical monitoring of their child as early as possible. The following may qualify for this benefit:

  • women working under an employment contract;
  • full-time students;
  • contract military personnel;
  • entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries who pay contributions to the Social Insurance Fund;
  • unemployed people dismissed during the liquidation of the company during the last 12 months (if they are registered at the labor exchange).

The money will be transferred along with maternity benefits. To receive payments, you need to confirm your registration with the antenatal clinic. You provide such a certificate along with a package of documents for maternity benefits at the place of work, service, or study. Entrepreneurs apply directly to the Social Insurance Fund, and those dismissed due to the liquidation of an organization - to the social security authorities.

From February 2021, the benefit is 708.23 rubles. For the territories of the Far North and equivalent areas, increasing coefficients apply Information letter of the Department for Pensions of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated 06/09/2003 N 1199‑16. For example, in Murmansk a woman will receive 1,274.81 rubles, and in the Kuril Islands - 1,416.46 rubles.

In addition, regions can introduce their own support measures. So, if a pregnant woman registers in St. Petersburg with a pregnancy period of up to 20 weeks, she will receive 32,339 rubles for the first child, 43,122 rubles for the second, 53,900 rubles for the third and subsequent ones.

Feel free to find out how things are going in your area. This also works for each subsequent benefit.

How to arrange payments for the birth of a 3rd child 100,000 rubles

Stages of the application process:

  • obtaining a certificate;
  • purposes for spending funds.

Each stage requires different packages of documents.

To submit an application, you need to prepare documents and their photocopies. Then, transfer it to the social protection unit, where an application is drawn up with the help of an employee. The application is processed within 10 days, after which the family receives either a positive response or a negative response with an explanation.

Maternity benefit

These payments accompany maternity leave. They are only available to mothers and are designed to compensate for the loss of income during a forced break from work. Accordingly, the same categories of women can receive benefits as when registering in early pregnancy. The unemployed, if they were fired not due to the liquidation of the organization, are not entitled to payments.

Female students and military personnel will receive payments in the amount of a scholarship or allowance. For those working under an employment contract, the amount of benefits is calculated using the formula:

PPBiR = income 2 years before maternity leave ÷ 730 or 731 days × number of days of maternity leave.

In this case, payments cannot exceed 340,795 rubles and be lower than 58,878 rubles if maternity leave lasts 140 days. This is the usual duration, but it can increase - for example, with multiple pregnancies. The benefit is also available to mothers who have adopted a baby under three months old. They receive payments in 70 days.

Entrepreneurs pay contributions based on the minimum wage. This means that child benefits will be calculated according to the same indicator. Mothers who were fired during the liquidation of the organization will receive 708.23 Federal Law of May 19, 1995 N 81-FZ ruble. Some regions, for example Moscow On social support for families with children in the city of Moscow, are ready to support them additionally.

To receive payments, you need to apply with a sick leave certificate at your place of work or with a certificate from the antenatal clinic at your place of service or study. Entrepreneurs apply directly to the Social Insurance Fund.

Child birth benefit

This child benefit is 18,886.32 rubles. It doesn’t matter whether you work or not. Either parent can receive it. To do this, you will need the child’s birth certificate and a certificate stating that the other parent did not receive such financial assistance. You need to take them to the same place where you applied for maternity benefits.

The benefit for the birth of a child is federal, but there are also regional ones. Check with your local social security office to find out if you can count on additional support.

One-time metropolitan compensation: types and grounds

Muscovites have the right to count not only on an additional one-time benefit in connection with the birth of a child, but also on one-time monetary compensation for expenses incurred by parents after the birth of a baby:

Applications for one-time payments to metropolitan parents in connection with the birth of children are accepted through the Portal of state and municipal services of the city of Moscow (clause 5 of Appendix No. 1 to Moscow Government Resolution No. 37-PP).

Find out how much money Moscow parents can expect from ConsultantPlus. If you do not have access to the K+ system, get a trial online access for free.

You must apply for compensation payment no later than 6 months from the date of birth (adoption) of the child. Missing this deadline deprives parents of these social benefits. The period for applying for benefits may be extended by decision of the capital’s Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, if the reasons for late application for payments are recognized by the court as valid:

Monthly allowance for the first and second child up to three years of age

From 2021, a family in which the average per capita income is less than two regional subsistence minimums has the right to apply for child benefits for the first and second child. She will be paid monthly in the amount of the regional subsistence minimum for children.

Important: payments for the first baby are made by social security authorities from the federal budget, for the second – by the Pension Fund from maternity capital.

These are the authorities you need to contact. You can apply for benefits at any time before the child’s third birthday. If you manage to do this before he turns six months old, payments will be assigned right from birth. If you are late - from the date of application.

Subsidies for anniversary couples in the capital and St. Petersburg

Payments to long-lived couples for 50, 60 and 70 years of marriage are paid in Moscow and St. Petersburg in different amounts:

TermMoscowSaint Petersburg
50 years20,000 rubles50,000 rubles
60 years25,000 rubles60,000 rubles
70 years old30,000 rubles70,000 rubles

In Moscow they also pay extra for 55 and 65 years from the date of marriage. The bonus amount is 25,000 and 30,000 rubles, respectively. Payments are provided not for one person, but for both spouses.

You will not have to pay a state fee or other amounts for providing the service to the family; it is provided free of charge. After submitting the application and the rest of the list of papers, the period for calculating the cash benefit is no more than 30 days.

Monthly allowance for a child aged three to seven years

This is a relatively new type of support that appeared in 2020. Low-income parents who have children from three to seven years old inclusive can apply for it according to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 31, 2021 N 384. The amount of payments depends on the financial situation of the family and is:

  • 50% of the subsistence level for children in the region, if the average income per person in a family is below the subsistence level in the region;
  • 75% - if, even taking into account the 50% payment, the average per capita income does not reach the subsistence level;
  • 100% - if this does not happen even with a payment of 75%.

When assessing the family’s financial situation, cash receipts for the 12 months preceding the four months before the application are taken into account. That is, if you submit an application in July 2021, then income from February 2021 to February 2021 will be included in the calculation. At the same time, the family must have at least some income. If she lives only on state subsidies without a good reason, child benefits may not be awarded.

You can also lose your right to payments if the family has too much property. For example, owners of several apartments or cars may not be considered needy.

To receive benefits, you need to contact the social security authorities in person, through the multifunctional one.

Benefits for the wife of a conscripted soldier

The state is ready to support the wife of a serviceman with money to compensate for his absence from the side during important and difficult moments. These child benefits are paid not instead of, but in addition to the others.

You need to contact the social security authorities for them.

For pregnancy

If a husband undergoes military service by conscription, then his pregnant wife can receive 29,908.46 rubles. It is important that the gestational age must be at least 180 days Federal Law of May 19, 1995 N 81-FZ.

Per child

A wife or other relative caring for a child under three years old can receive 12,817.91 rubles monthly while his father is serving in conscription.


Parents caring for a child receive benefits for children under 18 years of age.
It does not matter whether the parents work or not. Employment affects the amount of the benefit if it is calculated based on average daily earnings. When assigning benefits to the poor for a child under 18 years of age, the “zero income rule” is used - when the lack of income is explained by objective reasons. You can find more complete information on the topic in ConsultantPlus. Free trial access to the system for 2 days.

Maternal capital

Previously, maternity capital was issued only at the birth of a second child. In 2021, the rules of the game were changed by a new law, Federal Law No. 35-FZ dated 01.03.2020 “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on issues related to the disposal of maternal (family) capital”, under which state support can also be obtained for the first-born .

If the first child was born or adopted no earlier than January 1, 2020, the state will pay 483,881.83 rubles. For the second one they will pay an additional 150,550 rubles. If the firstborn was born before January 1, 2020, and the second baby after, then the maternity capital will immediately amount to 639,431.83 rubles. If both children were born before January 1, 2020, the payment is due only to the second. It will be 483,881.83 rubles.

Maternity capital can be used:

  • for the purchase or construction of housing, including a mortgage;
  • for paid education;
  • for adaptation of a disabled child;
  • for mother's funded pension;
  • for the construction and reconstruction of a house on a garden plot;
  • to pay benefits for a second child with an income of less than two subsistence minimums per person.

A maternity capital certificate is usually issued in the name of the mother. This right can pass to the father if the mother dies or is deprived of parental rights. To draw up the document, you need to contact the Pension Fund. This can be done in person, through the Pension Fund website, the State Services portal or a multifunctional center.

What are governor's payments?

The governor's payment program for 3 children is one-time financial assistance to families. It is provided in almost all regions of the Russian Federation. The requirements for processing this payment are individual in each region, but the procedure for assigning it is the same everywhere.

Such payments are made from the budget of the Russian Federation; they are also commonly called regional maternity capital.

  • Let us highlight several differences from federal maternity capital:
  • The amount of benefits may vary in each region.
  • It is possible to receive only at the birth of 3 children.
  • Can be obtained only after a certain time (exception: money is needed for the treatment of disabled children).

Governor's benefits are targeted. There are several directions for the implementation of funds:

  • Improve living conditions;
  • Buy a plot of land;
  • Purchase a vehicle;
  • Pay for education;
  • Pay for treatment;
  • Build a house;

Mortgage repayment assistance

If from 2021 to 2022 another child was born or adopted in a family with at least two children, she can receive 450 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 7, 2019 No. 1,170 thousand rubles to repay the mortgage. If the debt is less than this amount, the balance will be burned. You can use the offer once.

An application for this type of assistance is submitted to the bank. And the credit institution is already resolving the issue with the joint stock company Dom.rf, which is responsible for this.

Privileges for families who have a third child

For large families with three or more children, the state offers the following benefits and privileges:

  • The right to send a child to kindergarten out of turn;
  • Children from large families are exempt from paying for the child’s classes in sports and art clubs, as well as in music schools;
  • Preferential travel on public transport;
  • Meals in schools for such children are financed by the state;
  • Sanatorium vouchers for large families are provided free of charge;
  • Preferential medical care and discount on medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • Government subsidies and discounts on utility bills are provided;
  • Such families have priority in residential mortgage lending - a mortgage is issued without a down payment for real estate;
  • Priority receipt of a certificate for living space, or for a plot of land for individual construction.

If the family did not receive a maternity capital certificate after the birth of the second child, then it has the opportunity to use maternity capital and issue a certificate at the nearest branch of the Russian Pension Fund.

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