Why do you need a military ID when applying for a job?

Today, many Russian citizens are interested in when a military ID, which is the main military registration document, is issued to persons liable for military service.

During the Soviet Union, when military service was not only compulsory, but also prestigious among young men, every man had a military serviceman. The document was issued to a citizen upon completion of military service in the army, upon admission to a military school or a civilian university with a military department, where junior reserve officers were trained.

Today, the procedure for issuing military tickets to Russian citizens liable for military service is no different. The presence of such a military registration document for a civilian indicates that in peacetime the citizen is in the reserve of the RF Armed Forces, but in wartime he is subject to mobilization.

The legislative framework

The category of persons who must have a military ID is discussed in detail in Federal Law No. 53 of March 28, 1998, consisting of several parts:

  • Article 1 implies compulsory military service;
  • Article 2 defines the concept of military service;
  • Article 7 describes the degree of responsibility of an enterprise that provides employment without a military ID;
  • Article 7 provides a list of responsibilities that relate to military registration.

Necessary documents for registration

List of documents required for issuing a military ID:

  • A correctly drawn up application, which is submitted to the military registration and enlistment office and drawn up in 2 copies;
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Copies of the main pages of the passport, which are best placed on 1 A4 sheet;
  • Originals and copies of educational documents (certificate, diploma);
  • Driver's license;
  • 2 photographs of 25*20 mm format, taken on a white background of matte quality.

Documents when obtaining a military ID for health reasons:

  • Statement;
  • Passport;
  • Copies of the main pages of the passport;
  • Original and copy of birth certificate confirming the appropriate age (27 years);
  • Documents confirming the passage of a medical examination and identification of the presence of any specific diseases.

When submitting documents, the military registration and enlistment office employee must issue a note confirming the acceptance of all originals, and the second copy indicates the full name and date of receipt of the papers.

Documents can be sent to the military registration and enlistment office by mail by issuing a registered letter (with an attached list of the papers being sent) and a signature notification of its receipt.

Do I need to provide a military ID?

65 Art. The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the need to present a military ID when officially applying for a job. If this document is missing, then the employer has the right to refuse to obtain the position.

In accordance with the provisions of the law (Article 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation), military registration documents are divided into 2 types (registration certificate, military ID). The responsibility of enterprises is to transfer information to the military registration and enlistment office to verify the citizen who has entered the job and whether he has the appropriate document.

Such provisions are provided for in paragraph 23 of the “Regulations on Military Registration”. Therefore, official employment is virtually impossible in the absence of a military ID. The detailed information specified in the document must be transferred within 2 weeks to the military registration and enlistment office, since if the deadlines are violated, the personnel department is liable for 3 parts of Art. No. 21.4 Code of Administrative Offences.

Consequences and restrictions when obtaining a draft evader's certificate

The main limitation is refusal of employment in state, municipal, and law enforcement agencies. Initially, a draft dodger’s certificate did not give the right to get a job only in the civil service; later the law was tightened. After the restrictions came into force, men who had not completed their service began to be dismissed from their positions.

In simple words, a draft dodger certificate should not interfere with life if there is no desire to be a civil servant or a security officer. However, commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs often refuse employment after seeing a draft dodger’s certificate, but justify their decision with other reasons. In general, a certificate, instead of a military ID, is the same military registration document. Should not interfere with employment.

Between 2014 and 2021, proposals were made to tighten the consequences for draft dodgers. Prohibit driving a vehicle, possessing weapons, traveling abroad, or attending military training. There are no such restrictions yet and none are expected in the near future.

Why do they require documents for employment?

A company that hires a man for official employment must obtain the data from the military ID necessary for transmission to the military registration and enlistment office.

The absence of a document has high risks for the employer’s company:

  • Holding the employer accountable;
  • Training and continued presence of an employee without a document is fraught with the loss of him as an employee, since he can be called upon to fulfill his army duty at any time.

In most cases, the employer does not notify the potential employee of the reason for the refusal in order to avoid further consideration of the complaint that he may file with the labor inspectorate.

What documents regulate the VU in the organization?

First, an order is issued to organize military registration. A sample of it is given in Appendix 4 to the recommendations. The order determines who should keep military records in the organization, as well as who performs these duties in the absence of the person in charge. In addition to the order, there are additional documents. Their list is given in Section IV of the recommendations, paragraph 39:

  • work plan;
  • personal cards of conscripts and reservists;
  • VU inspection log;
  • receipts for acceptance of military IDs and other military documents;
  • documentation related to the management of the VU - folders, files;
  • documents issued by government authorities at various levels and background information on VU.

The person responsible for military registration in the organization must appear at the military registration and enlistment office with an order and a developed work plan (Appendix 17 to the recommendations) for approval. Subsequent movements and appointments of responsible persons are carried out after agreement with the military commissariat.

Can they be hired without a military ID?

If we study in detail the provisions of Art. 65. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a military ID does not provide a number of mandatory documents for employment, since it is not included in the approved list. Theoretically, an employer cannot refuse employment, but this procedure has some nuances.

The enterprise must necessarily notify the military registration and enlistment office of the presence of a military document for a citizen who has been hired, therefore, the implementation of the procedure requires compliance with all legal grounds and a military ID is still considered a mandatory document to present for official employment.

A military ID does not need to be provided to the following categories of persons:

  • Persons of minor age;
  • Men over 60 years of age;
  • Foreign citizens;
  • Women.

Hiring men over the age of 60 has some nuances (the possibility of employment without a document if the citizen is not called up for military duty).

In the absence of a military ID, certain categories of citizens cannot be hired:

  • Citizens liable for military service of conscription age (18–27 years). When a military ID is provided, the necessary information is sent to the military registration and enlistment office;
  • Men over the age of 27 are not subject to conscription age, but must provide a document to fill out a special T2 form (the form contains information about military registration);
  • Persons who are in the reserve aged 50 to 65 years and have a military rank.

When applying for a job, an employee should not hide information about his service or military registration, since such data is subject to thorough verification, and if violations are detected, the employer is responsible to the state.

What does a draft dodger's certificate look like?

A form of a certain sample contains general information about the citizen, attitude to service and military training, reserve category, accounting group, and special marks.

At the top, general information is filled in - full name, date, place of birth, education, specialty, marital status, sports category. The following describes the decision of the draft commission to issue a certificate in exchange for a military ID, signed by the chief. The fitness category, marks of military training, etc. must be indicated.

For registration and issuance of a draft dodger’s certificate, you will need originals and photocopies of the following documents:

  1. passport;
  2. certificate, diploma of education;
  3. driver's license, if available;
  4. Marriage certificate.

Bring 3 photographs measuring 3*4 cm.

How can you apply for a job without a military ID in 2021?

Considering the laws regarding employment with or without a military ID is twofold. On the one hand, the personnel department must transmit information to the military registration and enlistment office, but it does not have the legal right to refuse an applicant without other compelling reasons.

In this case, the citizen has the legal right to file a complaint with the labor inspection authorities or the court.

An alternative solution to the problem is to obtain a military ID due to the following circumstances:

  • Completion of service;
  • Obtaining a category of unsuitability for military service;
  • Studying at the military department.

If the conscript has not completed his service before the age of 27, then an appeal to the military registration and enlistment office is required, a commission will study the case and issue an explanatory note in connection with the current circumstances.

Receiving algorithm

First, you should write an application addressed to the military commissar with a request to issue a military ID. The application can be written in free form. It must be registered with the military registration and enlistment office. A copy of the application, with an acceptance mark, should be received in hand.

The review period is 1 month, during which military registration authorities are required to prepare a response. But they first study the reasons and reasons why the young man avoided military service. If officials fail to act, a claim should be filed in court.

Required documents

To obtain a military ID, you will need the following documents:

  • the applicant's passport and birth certificate;
  • registration certificate;
  • 4 black and white photos size 3*4;
  • a copy of your education diploma (or certificate);
  • certificate of marital status;
  • certificate from the place of study or permanent (temporary) work of the applicant.
  • When filing an application after 30 years of age, there is virtually no fear of being prosecuted, but the military registration and enlistment office carefully examines all the reasons why a man did not serve in the army. If he did not serve due to health reasons, then he will need to submit all the medical certificates that the citizen has at the time of applying for a military ID.

    We need certificates from a psychological and drug treatment clinic. The military commissar can request information independently, but it is advisable to provide it yourself so as not to delay the process of obtaining a ticket. The applicant is not obliged to collect certificates on his own, but may insist on requesting information from the military registration and enlistment office.

    The military registration authority is quite biased towards citizens who did not complete military service in a timely manner and, after 27-30 years of age, apply for a document.

    Actions of the military registration and enlistment office

    If the military registration and enlistment office does not issue a document, citing the fact that the man did not complete his military service in a timely manner and did not serve for 1-2 years, then he will need to go to court with an administrative claim.

    The burden of proving the legality of refusal to consider an application lies with the military registration and enlistment office. He must prove that he actually took measures to request the necessary information from the citizen. The legality of the refusal is questionable in many cases. All documentation for an applicant to be included in the reserve must be completed within a reasonable time.

    Any records of military service can be entered into the military ID after it is issued, which does not affect the timing and grounds for issuance. If, even after a court decision, the military commissar refuses to issue a ticket, then you must contact the prosecutor's office or the bailiff service. A copy of the court decision must be attached to the application.

    The procedure for conscription into military service, registration of military personnel in the reserve, as well as military ID is regulated by Order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 400 dated October 2, 2007. The military commissar removes from the military register citizens who have reached the age of 27 and have not completed military service. This instruction does not specify the reasons that exclude a citizen from being called up for service. It is indicated that citizens who are not liable for military service are subject to enlistment in the reserves. They need to be issued a military registration document.

    The military commissar, having examined the documents presented in the personal file, makes an entry in the citizen’s registration card. “Oblige the head of the 2nd department to remove conscripts from military registration, and the head of the 4th department to register them as reserves.” The decision of the military commissar indicates the need to consider the actions of the young man with a view to bringing him to criminal responsibility. Based on the decision, the young man is issued a military registration document for a citizen who is in the reserves.

    According to the law, a citizen must receive a military ID regardless of whether he served in the army or not. This is not affected by the fact that a person has been brought to criminal liability.

    Do I need a military ID after turning 27?

    People of conscription age between the ages of 18 and 27 are citizens who are required to serve in the army, provided there are no contraindications. At the same time, many are interested in whether it is necessary to present a military ID when applying for a job after this age.

    If a citizen is over 27 years of age, then he is not exempt from the mandatory presentation of a document, since the employer must send information about men in the age category from 18 to 50 years.

    In case of damage

    Damage to a military ID means a violation of its appearance and integrity, which prevents the document from being used for its intended purpose or casts doubt on its authenticity. In such a situation, everything is determined by the resulting state of the military ID. It is considered damaged if any of the following damage is found upon inspection:

    • prints are blurred;
    • entries made by hand in ink became impossible to read;
    • the sheets became unusable, became wet and spoiled;
    • There are no sheets containing potentially necessary military registration information.

    In these cases, the damaged military ID will have to be restored. This often happens when a military ID could have been accidentally washed along with the clothes in which it was located. If the damage caused to the document is less significant (for example, if water was spilled on it), you can continue to use it, avoiding similar situations in the future. If all seals and notes are legible, then you need to completely dry the document and continue to use it.

    Is it possible to get a job without a military ID and registration certificate?

    In employment practice, there are also cases when employers hire employees without a military ID when concluding an employment contract. In this case, the responsibility lies with the company that carried out the registration process with obvious violations.

    Getting a job without a registration certificate or military ID is also possible with unofficial registration. This procedure has potential risks for the applicant in the form of receiving incomplete wages, violation of his rights and lack of contributions to the pension fund, which will subsequently affect the amount of the pension.

    Recovery time

    As a rule, the approximate time frame for the restoration of a military ID (and often the exact date of appearance to receive a duplicate) is reported by employees of the military commissariat at the time the application is received. In this matter, we must remember that the procedure for restoring a military registration document by law should not take more than 40 days after the date of registration of the application. Of these, up to 30 days are allotted to the military registration and enlistment office employees to consider the application, and 10 days for processing the document itself.

    The time frame can be either reduced or slightly increased. The latter is allowed when the package of required documents is sent by registered mail by Russian Post. It should be noted that in 2021, in many cities, districts and constituent entities of the Russian Federation, due to the coronavirus epidemic, special operating modes of military commissariats operate, and direct contact with this institution may not be available. In practice, replacing a military ID long and in most cases takes 2 to 3 weeks.

    Employer's responsibility when hiring without military documents

    The employer company has the right to employ an employee without a military ID, but at the same time it must notify the military registration and enlistment office of the receipt of the data presented in the document (1 clause 4 of article Federal Law No. 53 “On Military Service” dated 03/28/1998)

    If the employer carries out the official registration process, then he violates Art. 5.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and may receive a fine in the following amounts:

    • From 10,000 to 20,000 thousand rubles for officials;
    • From 5,000 to 10,000 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs;
    • From 50,000 to 100,000 thousand rubles for legal entities.

    In case of theft

    In case of theft of a military ID, you must contact law enforcement agencies and report the fact and circumstances of the loss of this document. The police are opening a criminal case on this basis and are investigating. During the investigation period, the citizen is issued a certificate (notification coupon) about the acceptance of the application. Such a certificate should be obtained from the officer on duty at the police station, and this can usually be done immediately after filing a theft report.

    Only after this does it make sense to contact the military commissariat with a statement about the need to restore your military ID. A certificate issued by the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs must be attached to the application for the restoration of a lost document. Please note that it is only valid for 10 days.

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