The procedure and nuances of obtaining temporary registration of foreigners. Duration and cost of the procedure

When does a foreigner have the right to register at his place of residence in the Russian Federation?

All foreign citizens staying in Russia for longer than 90 days must apply for a temporary residence permit or residence permit. After the document giving the right to a long stay in the Russian Federation is ready, the migrant is required to receive a mark about his place of residence within a week , therefore, immediately after receiving a temporary residence permit or temporary residence permit, a person has the right to register at his place of residence.

As for foreigners who own residential premises on the territory of Russia, they also receive the right to register at their place of residence immediately after the readiness of the document giving the right to long-term stay within the Russian Federation.

If a migrant who has his own housing in Russia does not have a temporary residence permit or residence permit, then he can register in his apartment/house only at the place of stay.

Questions and answers

Where to register, in Moscow or in the Moscow region?

Depends on what you need registration for. If for work, then there is no difference. And if to enroll in a school, kindergarten or for service in a clinic, you need to be assigned to a specific region.

Is personal attendance required?

A citizen’s employer can draw up documents for a citizen. Also, the issue of registration can be handled by the university, if you are studying there full-time, or the institution where you live (hotel, sanatorium). In all other cases, personal presence is required.

What is the difference between registration in Moscow for a foreigner and a Russian?

The difference is in the time frame (7 days for a foreigner and 90 days for a Russian) during which the document must be issued, as well as in the period of its validity (1 year maximum for foreigners and 5 years maximum for citizens of the Russian Federation). Foreigners will also need additional documents.

Where can he register on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Often, unknowing people mistakenly believe that any premises will be suitable as a place of registration; for example, migrant workers believe that they can register at the employer’s work premises. Registration at the place of residence of a foreigner is possible in the following housing:

  • Legal address of the employer, but with the caveat that the premises at this address must be equipped for household needs (the presence of a full bathroom and kitchen) and have sleeping places.
  • It is possible for a foreigner to register with relatives in Russia, but you must provide documentary evidence of family relationships.
  • In rented housing, registration is possible if the housing is rented in accordance with all the rules with a lease agreement from the owner, which is certified by a notary.
  • Registration in municipal housing under a social tenancy agreement is also possible, but this process is quite complicated. To register as a social worker for a foreigner, you need to go through many authorities and obtain permission from local authorities, but they usually refuse due to various reasons (for example, debt for housing and communal services, lack of square meters per person, etc.).

To register in an apartment or house that belongs to friends, you need to notarize an agreement on the free use of living space.

Obtaining the owner's consent to register in his apartment

It is impossible to register a migrant without the consent of the owner of the residential premises . It will be necessary to obtain certified consent from all homeowners. The only exception is the case when the migrant himself is the owner or co-owner of the residential premises where he wants to register.

The structure of the consent statement and how it should be filled out?

  • In the upper right corner (profile header) is written the name of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the application is being submitted and from whom it is submitted.
  • Next, the word “Consent” is written in the center without a dot at the end.
  • Then the personal data of the homeowner is written on his behalf (“My full name, date of birth, registration address, passport details”).
  • A request is written to register a citizen (his personal data is indicated) at what address and for how long “I ask you to register such and such a citizen at such and such an address and for such and such a period”).
  • Documents that confirm the right to own housing are indicated, the phrase is written that the owner agrees to the citizen’s occupancy (“Since, according to such and such a document, I am the owner of the housing at such and such an address, I agree to the occupancy of a citizen of such and such state Full name, date of birth , passport details").
  • Further it is written “This consent is certified in two copies, one of which is kept in the files of the state notary office, and the second is issued (full name of the owner in the dative case).”
  • Date, signature.

We do not recommend completing the documents yourself. Save time - contact our lawyers by phone:

8 (800) 350-29-87Moscow

How to obtain permission from the owner?

  1. First, you need to agree with all the owners of the housing and the people registered in it about the registration and move-in of the migrant.
  2. After this, a statement of consent from the owner is drawn up at the notary's office in two copies.
  3. When the application is certified and the package of necessary documents is collected, the foreigner is registered at the place of residence in the presence of all owners and registered people.

Why do you need temporary registration in Moscow?

Registration of temporary registration does not imply deregistration at the place of permanent residence. That is, your registration remains the same as it was up to this point, and in Moscow you are registered. This procedure allows you to assign a citizen of the Russian Federation, the CIS or any other foreign state to a specific address for the period for which an official certificate will be issued. All this time, the person will have the right to live in the house or apartment whose address is included in the document.

However, you should not worry that temporary registration will be without permanent registration in Moscow. According to the law, these forms of registering the legality of residence in the capital are no different from each other; they provide the same rights and opportunities. With a certificate in hand, a person becomes a full-fledged Muscovite.

It is necessary to obtain temporary registration in Moscow if you did not come to the capital as a tourist. If you want to live here for a long time, and specifically, more than 3 months for visitors from other cities and more than 7 days for visitors from other countries, then you cannot avoid official registration.

Why exactly do you need to obtain temporary registration? There are several reasons to take this step. But the main thing is the possibility of legal residence and obtaining full rights and opportunities.

Among the main advantages of having a document:

  • you can find a good job in the capital. For illegal immigrants - the position of a laborer or loader. If you came to get a good position and want to earn a decent salary, then legalization of residence is your path. In addition, until you have temporary registration in Moscow in hand, it is simply dangerous to formalize an employment relationship with you - the employer will have to pay a fine, just like you, and this is too high a price to pay for breaking the law;
  • you can register your child for kindergarten or school. The fact is that educational institutions accept children in a strict order of priority, and the first in this queue are those registered in the area. Therefore, you may be left either without a place at all in the garden or school, or get it in an inconvenient place where it will be difficult to get to;
  • you can open your own business in the capital. Registration of LLC, JSC, individual entrepreneur and other forms of entrepreneurship is possible only if you have a registration document. If you want to start your own business, start by registering;
  • you will be able to receive benefits, benefits, social benefits;
  • you will be able to take out a loan. The possibility of obtaining a mortgage increases especially significantly, which you should not count on without registration;
  • You will be able to undergo medical examinations and visit doctors. This is very convenient and saves you money on paid doctors and tests;
  • you can get your license. You will not be issued a driver's license in the capital if you are not registered there, even if you completed training in Moscow;
  • you will be able to enter a university;
  • you will be able to apply for a visa and Schengen. If you do not register in the capital, you will have to go to your place of permanent residence and submit documents there, which is not always convenient;
  • you can significantly reduce your expenses by refusing to pay for housing and communal services at your place of permanent residence, since you can officially confirm that you live in Moscow.

Temporary registration in Moscow and the Moscow region will equalize your rights with native Muscovites.

Why do you need temporary registration?


Medical services

Registration of a child for kindergarten

School and university

Visa application

Bank loans

Military registration and enlistment office

Registration of individual entrepreneur

Obtaining a driver's license

List of documents: which ones need to be prepared?

Registration of registration of a migrant who has a temporary residence permit or residence permit takes place at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence. Below is what you need to provide to obtain registration. This is the following list of documents:

  • Application for registration in the prescribed form No. 2 on behalf of a foreigner (the form can be downloaded on the Internet and printed or obtained from the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).
  • An identification document of a foreigner (passport) and a notarized translation.
  • A document giving the right to long-term residence in Russia (TRP or residence permit).
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee (payment details are obtained from the migration service, where you will register).
  • Arrival sheet.
  • One copy of the notarized consent of the home owner for registration and occupancy of a foreign citizen.
  • A document confirming the right to use residential premises (certificate of ownership; lease or gratuitous use agreement, notarized).
  • An extract from the house register (not required, but may be asked).

List of documents for registration at the place of residence of a migrant homeowner:

  • Application for registration at the place of residence form No. 2.
  • Passport of a foreign citizen with a notarized translation.
  • Residence permit or temporary residence permit.
  • A document certifying the right of ownership of residential premises for a foreigner.
  • Receipt for payment of state duty.

If a foreigner in Russia is the owner of more than one residential premises, then he is also required to indicate information about the others.

Consequences for the owner

Registration of a foreign citizen in his apartment does not entail the emergence of rights to it , however, the citizen who provided the migrant with an apartment for registration should take into account the following points:

  1. Moving into the apartment of a new tenant will entail an increase in utility bills in the absence of individual meters. Responsibilities for payment rest with the owner of the premises.
  2. The owner is fully responsible for all actions of the tenant . The right step would be to take out property and civil liability insurance for your neighbors.
  3. According to the law, a citizen registered in an apartment, including a migrant, has the right to register his own minor child in this territory . The owner's consent is not required for this action.
  4. Therefore, by registering a migrant in his apartment, the owner of the property can become the owners of additional tenants in his property.

  5. Having moved a migrant into an apartment, the owner must also remember that it is necessary to notify the FMS authorities in a timely manner if he moves out prematurely. It is also necessary to monitor the lodger’s guests, since often one migrant is registered, but in fact a whole family or group of friends lives with him . Living in an apartment of an IG without registration is punishable by a fine of 3 to 7 thousand rubles.

Structure and rules for filling out the application

The application form for registration of a foreigner at the place of residence is established by the Administrative Regulations approved by Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 514 (Appendix No. 2). The form is double-sided, has a main part and a detachable part.

The main one indicates:

  • name of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to which the application is being submitted;
  • personal data of the applicant (full name, date of birth, citizenship or nationality);
  • address of the residential premises where the foreigner requests to register;
  • details of the person providing the accommodation (full name or name of organization);
  • a document giving a foreigner the right to use residential premises (a residential purchase and sale agreement, a notarized consent of the owner, a gratuitous use agreement or a lease agreement);
  • passport details of the foreigner;
  • information about residence permit or temporary residence permit;
  • address of the previous place of registration;
  • date and signature of the applicant.

The same data is entered in the detachable part of the form as in the main one, but instead of the previous registration address, the previous residential address is indicated. The reverse side is filled out if minor children are registered with the migrant; the details of the parent (guardian) and the child are indicated.

The form must be filled out in block letters with a black pen or on a computer. You need to leave space for the date and signature.

We do not recommend completing the documents yourself. Save time - contact our lawyers by phone:

8 (800) 350-29-87Moscow

We talked about the procedure for temporary registration of a foreign citizen at the place of stay here.

Where can I register a foreigner at his place of residence?

A foreigner can go through the registration procedure at the place of residence as follows:

  • Through the division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dealing with migration issues, which is geographically related to the address where the migrant wants to register.
  • Through the multifunctional center.

Only certain categories of foreigners can register through the MFC at their place of residence - those who permanently reside in Russia and those who own their own housing.

Step by step procedure

Foreigners who have received a document confirming the right to long-term stay in Russia undergo the registration procedure in the following order:

  1. A notarized translation of the passport and the consent of the apartment owner for registration are prepared in advance.
  2. The state duty is paid at any bank.
  3. An application for registration at the place of residence is written.

A package of documents is provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or MFC within seven days from the date of receipt of the temporary residence permit or temporary residence permit.

For a foreign citizen who owns housing on the territory of the Russian Federation, the procedure for obtaining registration is similar to that in which the foreigner does not have his own housing:

  1. An application for registration at the place of residence is written.
  2. State duty is paid.
  3. A notarized translation of the passport is made.
  4. A document confirming the right of ownership of housing is provided (if available, information about other residential premises owned is provided).

Within 7 days after receiving a temporary residence permit or temporary residence permit, this package of documents is submitted to the relevant authorities for registration.

Features of the procedure without the personal presence of the apartment owner

Based on practice, many migrants are denied registration without the presence of the owner , however, if he is absent due to some force majeure circumstances, you can issue a power of attorney to another person from a notary. In this case, the documents are supplemented with a notarized copy of the homeowner’s passport, a statement of consent from the authorized person and his passport.

Duration of stay

Initial registration is possible for 90 days, regardless of citizenship. When this period comes to an end, you can travel outside of Russia or renew your registration. In this case, an extension is allowed only if there are grounds.

The only exceptions are citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. They can register for up to 1 year if they have an employment contract.

If a migrant violates the terms of stay, a fine or a ban on entry for a certain period by a court decision is possible. Therefore, it is better to take care of registration in Russia in a timely manner and keep track of when you need to renew it or leave the state.

Step-by-step instructions online through State Services

Unfortunately, the package of documents for registration is submitted in person to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which deals with migration issues or the MFC. Through State Services you can only make an appointment to submit documents, for this:

  1. Register your personal account on the portal.
  2. In the search for the portal, enter “Registration at the place of residence of foreign citizens.”
  3. Select the appropriate button.
  4. On the page that opens, select the blue tab on the right “Make an appointment.”
  5. Choose a date and time, leave your personal information and email address.

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