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At least once in his life, every person is faced with a situation when he simply needs to know where a citizen lives. There are several methods for finding out where a particular person is registered.

Most often, such a need arises when you need to find the residential address of your relatives, who have long since moved to a new place of residence and have not heard from them for a long time. There are many such situations.

What does information about registration at the place of residence include?

When registering a citizen at his place of residence, all the data provided by him is entered into the so-called apartment card .
It contains the following information:

  • residence address;
  • area of ​​housing and its number;
  • Full name of the owner or tenant of the home;
  • Who services this housing (name of the management company or other organization providing the resident’s utilities);
  • Full name of the registered citizen. His passport details, year and month of birth, where he came from, date of registration;
  • Persons living with him. The degree of their relationship, full passport data or (in the case of minors) birth certificate numbers are indicated.

Important! Let us note one point, although it is not entirely on topic. Registration has a declarative nature in our country, but its absence limits or deprives a person of access to the distribution of material and social benefits, as well as obtaining a job. Therefore, you should not neglect registration, both permanent and temporary.

Perhaps you will

Responsibility for illegally obtaining information

Personal data of citizens both in Russia and around the world has become a very sensitive area and this is clearly visible in the scandals and legal proceedings that occur due to the leakage of personal data and their illegal use, from which not only officials and politicians suffer , showmen, but also many ordinary citizens.

Therefore, the handling of this kind of personal data, such as addresses of residence, registration data at the place of residence, etc., requires special care, especially since the law defines quite severe penalties for the intentional or unintentional dissemination or use of this or that personal information.

Thus, in the Russian administrative and criminal codes, regarding violation of the rules for the safety of personal data, their recording, publication, distribution, administrative liability is provided, which provides for a fine of large sums (up to 100 thousand rubles) for those who used personal data for criminal purposes, for discrediting, other acts punishable by law.

The Administrative Code of the Russian Federation contains a number of articles in this regard, such as:

  • unlawful refusal of a citizen to provide him with access to information collected on him, both in government and commercial organizations. This is Art. 5.39 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.
  • Art. 13.11 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation - unlawful handling of a citizen’s personal data - illegal recording, storage, distribution, access, etc.
  • (Article 13.14 of the Administrative Code); unlawful disclosure of personal data, including in the public space - media, Internet resources, blogs, social networks, etc.

More serious legal sanctions are provided for in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, where in Art. 137 and art. 272 defines penalties for the unlawful use of personal information that leads to significant material damage or harm to the health of a citizen.

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  1. Ira says:
    03/06/2020 at 01:08

    How to get information about an apartment that you may be buying with a mortgage? I really don’t want the pitfalls and pitfalls of these people with their postscripts. What to do if a person is registered and did not participate in privatization?


  2. Oleg says:

    03/08/2020 at 01:43

    Now the so-called house books, which contained all the information regarding the people registered in the apartment, have been practically abolished. Is there any electronic equivalent of this extremely necessary document?


Why are they needed?

It is impossible in a short article to list all areas of human activity where registration information may be needed.

Let's list just a few of them:

  • registration of loans, contracts, loans;
  • receiving government subsidies and benefits;
  • real estate transactions;
  • registration for work;
  • requests from government agencies.

As we see, information about registration is necessary for both the citizen and the state .

Order No. 422 of the Federal Migration Service of October 29, 2007 granted the right to request and receive registration information for both individuals and the following organizations:

  1. Ships;
  2. Bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation;
  3. Operational and investigative activities;
  4. FMS and its territorial divisions;
    FOR YOUR INFORMATION. The FMS, as an organization, was liquidated in 2021 by presidential decree No. 156 (April 4). The functions of the service were transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the Main Directorate for Migration Issues (GUVM MVD) was established. But this transformation is unlikely to be accompanied by significant changes in the provision of services for registering citizens at the place of residence or stay.
  5. Bailiffs;
  6. State bodies and local government;
  7. Public associations (Article 14 of the said order).

Issues of registration, deregistration, registration, as well as provision of registration information are regulated in the FMS order number 422 indicated by us.


  • Federal Law 5242-1 from 1993 (edited in 2021);
  • administrative regulations of the Federal Migration Service;
  • Registration rules;
  • Federal Law of June 2, 2021 N 152-FZ “On the right to freedom of movement”;
  • Housing complex of the Russian Federation;
  • Family Code regarding the exercise of parental rights;
  • Civil Code, in particular, Article 20 (on residence);
  • decisions of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts.

How to assign an address to a plot or property in the Moscow region

Every year in the Moscow region the number of real estate objects put into operation is growing. Assigning addresses to new objects is an integral part of their registration procedure. To speed up and simplify it, an electronic service for assigning addresses is available in the Moscow region. Read about the cases in which objects are addressed and who has the right to receive this service in the material of the portal.

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When is addressing done?

Source: Photobank of the Moscow region, Ksenia Sidorova

The procedure for addressing objects is carried out in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary to register the right to a land plot as a real estate property;
  • if it is necessary to register property rights to real estate objects being put into operation, completed by construction, reconstruction, major repairs;
  • if it is necessary to register ownership of real estate by court decision;
  • when the status of real estate objects changes (transfer of garden and country buildings into residential ones, change in the functional purpose of the real estate object, etc.);
  • when dividing property complexes and other addressing objects into independent objects;
  • when combining real estate into a single complex;
  • when identifying non-compliance of addressing of real estate with legal requirements, detection of inaccurate or erroneous addressing data;
  • in other cases provided for by current legislation.

An address can be assigned to buildings, structures and other real estate objects. In addition, an address can be assigned to an extension if it is a separate building (that is, it has separate supporting structures).

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Who can receive the service

Entrepreneurs of the Moscow region

Source: Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region

The service for assigning addresses to real estate objects is intended for individuals and legal entities, individual entrepreneurs who are the owners of objects located in the Moscow region. To receive the service, you must have one of the following rights to the addressing object:

  • right of economic management;
  • right of operational management;
  • the right of lifelong inheritable ownership;
  • right of permanent (unlimited) use.

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Required documents

Signing of documents

Source: Photobank of the Moscow region, Anastasia Osipova

To receive the service you will need to collect the following documents:

  • application for assigning an address to the addressing object;
  • identification document of the applicant;
  • power of attorney (in the case of an application by a representative of the applicant - a document confirming his authority, as well as a passport or other identification document);
  • title, title documents for the object of address (the rights to which are not registered in the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions with It);
  • a decision on appointment or election, or an order on the appointment of an individual to a position, confirming his powers.

The list of additional documents includes:

  • permission to put an addressing object into operation (in the case of assigning an address to addressing objects under construction);
  • permission for the construction of an addressing object (in case of assigning an address to addressing objects under construction).

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Procedure and terms of service provision

The second MOBTI consultation center was opened in Krasnogosk

Source: , press service of the Krasnogorsk city district administration

To receive the service, the applicant can contact the multifunctional center (MFC) in the Moscow region. It is also possible to create an electronic application using the portal of state and municipal services of the Moscow region (RPGU). On the portal, the applicant can track the status of the application. When choosing the electronic filing method, the applicant only needs to visit the MFC once - to receive the result of the service.

The maximum period for providing the service is 12 working days. Registration of the application and set of documents is completed within 1 business day.

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What information can you find out from your registration?

With this registration you can obtain the following information:

  1. About housing: form of ownership, area, floor, location.
  2. Information about registration of citizens: when registered, how many people are registered, degree of relationship, age.
  3. Availability of temporary or permanent registration.
  4. Debt for utilities.

Important! Personal data in Russia is protected by law, so only the owner of the property or the person registered, for example, in the apartment can obtain complete information.

In addition to them, information about where a person is registered can be obtained by government agencies within the framework of the powers granted to them. For example, a court or the Investigative Committee during investigative activities.

Register for a child

The permanent registration of children under 14 years of age corresponds to the place of registration of their parents or guardians. This is also true for incapacitated citizens. To register children and incapacitated citizens, the consent of the homeowners is not required, provided that the child’s guardians are already registered there. This eliminates the need for homeowners to visit a government agency when submitting an application.

Moreover, it is not necessary that both parents have the right of residence. But when the second parent is registered at a different address, his consent is required for the operation. When registering a child, you should not put a mark in his personal documents; in return you will receive a certificate. But for children over 14 years of age, the procedure is identical to registration for adults.

How to check data for authenticity?

There are several ways to check your registration:

  1. Personal application to the passport office of the migration service or to the office at the registration address.
    A corresponding request is issued, to which a response can be given either immediately (depending on the service employees) or within 30 days.
  2. Written request. Sent by mail.
    In your request you must indicate your passport details, place of residence, as well as the reason why you needed registration information.

    Completion period: one month + time for sending correspondence.

  3. Find out via the Internet .
    The most reliable methods are the State Services website. The request is made in the prescribed form. The answer can be received in any form, both electronic and written.
  4. You can contact a lawyer . They are given the right to carry out such requests.
  5. Appeal to law enforcement agencies , primarily to the local inspector who oversees the territory where the citizen lives.
  6. Finally, you can simply call the passport office and ask about the registration you are interested in.
    It is not a fact that it will be answered, since employees of this service are not obliged to inform a person whose identity has not been identified, but anything can happen. It is possible that they will go to a meeting.

Attention! When checking your registration upon request online, you must take into account that guaranteed reliable information can only be obtained either on the State Services website.

Is it possible to provide only a full name or just a last name for searching?

Is it possible and how to find out a person’s registration by last name? It must be taken into account that to obtain information about registered people, it is not enough to provide information only about the first and last name of the owner .

Although such a service is advertised on the Internet, again, such fraudulent organizations request both a passport and a title document on official resources .

If you want to find out information about all registered persons in a particular apartment, you should study all the information and not make requests on third-party sites.

Otherwise, at best, you will lose money, and at worst, your data may be used for fraudulent transactions.

Can the address of registration and actual residence differ?

A person can register at one address and live in another place, in another place.
Such cases occur all the time.

There is nothing illegal about this if the very fact of living at a different address from the registered one is formalized in accordance with the requirements.

If a person stays in a particular place for more than 90 days, then he is obliged to register at this address, that is, obtain a permanent or temporary registration.

First of all, this requirement applies to citizens who are registered in one locality and live in another.

But even in the case when a person is registered at one address, but lives at another in the same locality (and for a long time), he must also register.

If you do not plan to live at your place of residence permanently, temporary registration is issued, i.e. for a certain period.

This is how it differs from constant.

In other words, permanent registration is unlimited, while temporary registration is limited in time.

Attention! Temporary registration does not cancel or replace permanent registration.

Fines and punishments

For the illegal collection and distribution of a citizen’s personal data without his consent, according to Article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the following types of punishment are possible:

  • imposing a ban on professional activities;
  • forced referral to correctional labor;
  • fixed fine;
  • collection of income from activities for a certain period;
  • imprisonment for a period specified by law.

Now you know that you can find out the place of registration of a person by his full name and more. There are many ways to do this. However, you should always approach the matter wisely, without violating the law and without exposing yourself and your loved ones to risk from scammers.

Pros and cons of different options

Each of the listed options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Phone call

  • Pros: quick and easy way to verify the authenticity of a document.
  • Cons: appeal may be unsuccessful. The operator is not obliged to respond to the request and may recommend that the applicant contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs to obtain information.

Submitting a written request

  • Pros: the migration service provides information about the registration status of a foreigner in the form prescribed by law.
  • Cons: length of wait. It takes time for the letter to reach the addressee. The service employee is given a month to check the data and process the request. If a foreigner is in the Russian Federation legally, but the certificate has already been received falsely, then while waiting for a written response, any situations can occur: imposition of a fine;
  • deportation;
  • ban on entry into the Russian Federation, etc.


  • Pros: without leaving home, a citizen can check the authenticity of his temporary registration. The site provides true and accurate information.
  • Cons: Internet connection required. Sometimes work is carried out on the portal and the process of obtaining information slows down.
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