How to write and where to send a complaint against M.Video? Step by step order

The largest brand, founded in 1993 in Moscow, is the M.Video company. In 2007 they opened their 100th store, and today M.Video is in every city. A convenient system for selecting products on the website, discounts, and other marketing tricks attract buyers. The owners did everything to make it convenient for people to buy goods in their stores. And on the website there is an inscription: “Return of goods within 30 days.” Although, the law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” clearly prescribes other rules. Especially in relation to technically complex goods. Let's figure out how you can return an item to M.Video.

Grounds for filing a complaint against M.Video

When receiving service in a store, a consumer has a certain range of rights, violation of which he has the right to complain.

SituationConsumer rightsRule of law
Right to return or exchange goods
Returning goods of proper quality
Purchasing goods in an offline storeGoods of good quality can be returned or exchanged for a similar one within 14 days from the date of purchaseArt. 25 of the Law on Consumer Protection
Purchasing a technically complex productTechnically complex goods of good quality cannot be exchanged or returned if they have a warranty of one year or more.Clause 11 of the List of goods not subject to exchange; List of technically complex goods
Purchasing through an online storeYou can refuse any product at any time before the expiration of 7 days from the date of receiptArt. 26.1 of the Consumer Protection Law
Returning goods of inadequate quality
Purchasing goods in an offline storeIf defects in the product are discovered during the warranty period or within 2 years if the warranty period is not established, the consumer, at his choice, has the right to demand:
  • replacement with the same or similar product;
  • proportionate reduction in the purchase price;
  • free repairs;
  • refund for goods.
Art. 18 of the Law on Consumer Protection
Purchasing a technically complex productWithin 15 days from the date of purchase, the consumer has the right to demand a refund or replacement of the product. If the defect is discovered later, the product can be returned or replaced only if:
  • the deficiency is significant (it cannot be eliminated);
  • the seller was unable to repair the product within 45 days;
  • The product broke down several times over the course of a year and was in total repaired for more than 30 days.
Art. 18 of the Law on Consumer Protection
Right to proper care
Delivery of goodsIn case of violation of delivery deadlines, the consumer has the right to choose:
  • set a new delivery date that the seller must comply with;
  • demand money for paid goods.
Art. 23.1 of the Consumer Protection Law
Product informationThe consumer has the right to reliable information about the product, including the price of the product and its characteristics. The seller is obliged to sell the goods at the price indicated on the price tag. Failure of the product to meet the stated characteristics is grounds for its return. Art. 10 of the Law on Consumer Protection
Store employeesThe incompetence of store employees can lead to the buyer receiving false information about the product. Insulting or discriminating against customers is an administrative offence. Cheating is subject to criminal penalties.
  • Art. 5.61, 5.62 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation;
  • Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

How to return an item and collect money - step-by-step instructions

Within 14 days, if you don’t like the product of good quality

Only the buyer who made the purchase can apply for a refund. If the client gave or sold the purchased product to another person, then the new owner of the product has the right to contact the store for a return, even if the sales contract and the receipt are issued to the original buyer.

Return procedure:

  1. Submit an application specifying the name of the network director or head of the retail outlet. The store's specialists will help you compile it using a standard form. Indicate: client's full name, registration address, contact phone number;
  2. name and article number of the product;
  3. your return request and reason;
  4. The date and signature are affixed at the bottom.
  • To the return application (or claim), attach a copy of the receipt, a guarantee sheet (if it was issued along with the product), and a photocopy of your passport.
  • M.Video will provide a written response within 10 days.
  • We do not recommend completing the documents yourself. Save time - contact our lawyers by phone:

    8 (800) 350-14-90

    If you made an order via the Internet, then you have the right to refuse an order that has already been placed until you receive it.

    And in order to return an item that has already been purchased remotely, you need to contact any M.Video retail outlet within a week, fill out an application for the return of the goods, attaching a copy of the receipt and return the purchase through the service counter in the store or through a pick-up point.

    In addition, the product that needs to be handed over can be sent by mail by sending the item by mail with a receipt notification and a list of the contents (clause “b”, clause 10 of the Rules, approved by Order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia dated July 31, 2014 234).

    Within 15 days if products are defective

    A product may be considered defective if it meets the following criteria:

    • presence of damage, defects (for example, the product is scratched, a crack on the surface);
    • the packaging is damaged (for example, the purchased product was in a torn box);
    • shortage of any element in the standard configuration of the product.

    Refunds are made according to the following scheme:

    1. You need to contact a retail outlet.
    2. Submit an application for the return of the product based on its recognition as defective.
    3. Arrange for the return of goods through the service counter or by calling a home delivery service and arranging for the return of large items.

    Remember ! Technically complex goods must be returned if defective within fifteen days if defects are found.

    How to contact M.Video customer support

    There are several ways to leave a review about the store or make a complaint:

    • M.Video hotline phone number: 8 (800) 600-777-5; 8 (495) 777-777-5;
    • email for applications and complaints;
    • chat in Telegram @mvideo_official_bot;
    • WhatsApp support;
    • address of the head office for mailing to the head of M.Video Izosimov Alexander Vadimovich: Moscow, st. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 40/12, building 20, floor 5, room II, room 3;
    • technical support on the M.Video website (online contact form).

    Let’s take a closer look at online appeals through the website.

    1. In the window that opens, select “Claim”.
    2. Next, you need to select the topic of the appeal from the list: product quality, complaint against an employee, etc.
    3. The program will ask several clarifying questions depending on the topic of the appeal, after which you will need to fill out the claim itself, indicating your contact information, store address and the essence of the appeal.
    4. Attach the necessary documents.

    Step-by-step procedure for applying through the MVideo website

    How and where to write a complaint about the Svyaznoy store?

    Where to go if consumer rights are violated? Step by step order

    How to make a claim in M.Video

    A claim in the form of a formal document may be required if the seller voluntarily fails to perform his duties. It is drawn up on paper and sent to the above address by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

    Also, compliance with the complaint procedure is necessary for further appeal to the authorities.

    The claim is drawn up in free form, in compliance with the business style of presentation and the structure of a legal letter:

    1. The header of the document with information about the sender and recipient (the name of the seller is MVM LLC).
    2. The essence of the appeal is a detailed description of the circumstances of the incident: when and in which store the purchase was made, the name of the employee, what shortcomings the product has, etc.
    3. A reference to a legal provision confirming a violation of consumer rights.
    4. Claim requirements.
    5. Date and signature.
    6. List of documents.

    Sample claim

    What documents may be needed

    For a claim to be justified, all available documents must be attached to it to prove that the buyer is right. It can be:

    • a copy of the check, paper or electronic;
    • copy of the warranty card;
    • a copy of the product examination;
    • photo or video;
    • screenshots from the site, etc.

    If you don’t have the opportunity to file a claim with M.Video yourself, you can use our sample.

    What can and cannot be returned?

    The customer has the right to exchange products that are not suitable in terms of dimensions, configuration and other characteristics for similar ones. You can also hand over equipment if it does not come with instructions in Russian.

    In this case, the returned product must meet the following parameters:

    • presentation: box, components, labels intact;
    • they did not use equipment or did it rarely, carefully;
    • consumer characteristics correspond to the product description;
    • There are documents confirming the fact of purchase (cash and sales receipts, warranty card, etc.).

    If a customer purchased a product at a reduced price due to a minor defect, the equipment cannot be returned.

    Sellers always ask that you keep your receipt because it will be needed when returning. However, if it is still lost, the way out is the following:

    • inviting an independent witness who will confirm the fact of purchase (for example, the seller who sold the goods);
    • checking product labeling;
    • provision of a passport for equipment, instructions, receipts in form 20-FS.

    After this, the cashier can duplicate the check. If the buyer does not remember the date of purchase, it can be found on the warranty card. In addition to the return application, you will also need to fill out documents for the loss of the check.

    Where to complain about M.Video

    If a complaint has been sent, but there is still no positive reaction from representatives of the retail chain, you can complain to the regulatory authorities.

    AuthorityGrounds for appealHow to apply
    RospotrebnadzorAny violation of consumer protection laws
    • in person or by mail to the regional office;
    • through the Rospotrebnadzor website;
    • through government services.

    More details

    FASAdvertising or pricing violations
    • in person, by mail or by email to the regional office;
    • through the form on the website;
    • through government services.

    More details

    Prosecutor's officeAdministrative and criminal offenses by store employees
    • at the prosecutor's office;
    • via the website.

    More details

    CourtPrimarily collection of amounts paid, penalties and finesBy way of claim proceedings in a court of general jurisdiction
    Read more

    How to file a complaint

    The complaint against M.Video is drawn up on the basis of a previously written complaint, only the recipient will now be the government authority. The text of the complaint will need to be supplemented with a description of compliance with the complaint procedure.

    All documents will need to be attached to the complaint, including a copy of the complaint and the response to it (if any).

    You should also pay attention to the legal requirements for the text of appeals to government agencies:

    • the applicant must indicate his personal data: full name and address, otherwise the complaint will not be considered;
    • the text should not contain insults or obscene language;
    • the text must be written legibly. It's better to print it on your computer;
    • You cannot submit the same complaint several times: identical applications will not be considered again.

    Sample complaint

    The procedure for drawing up a statement of claim is somewhat different.

    Sample claim

    Arbitrage practice

    Judicial practice in resolving disputes between consumers and M.Video is mainly on the buyer’s side. We will give examples from practice, indicating that a legally competent approach to the matter allows us to largely satisfy the requirements of the consumer.

    1. By a court decision in case No. 2-2240/2019 with M.Video, three times the cost of a TV with a stripe on the screen was recovered in favor of the consumer (the cost of the goods, a penalty for failure to comply with the consumer’s requirements and a fine for refusal to resolve the dispute voluntarily). In total, the consumer recovered more than 193,000 rubles.
    2. By a court decision in case No. 2-5703/19 with M.Video, interest was recovered in favor of the consumer on a consumer loan taken from a third-party organization for the purchase of goods that turned out to be defective.
    3. By a court decision in case No. 02-3121/2016 with M.Video, the cost of goods of inadequate quality was recovered in favor of the consumer, as well as the difference between the cost of the goods at the time of filing the claim and at the time of purchase. Since at the time of the trial the goods were no longer produced or sold, an expert assessment of the value of the goods was made.

    Lawyer's answers to private questions

    The store refuses to accept back a working memory module (it did not fit the computer). Can't it be returned?

    System unit components are not included in the list of technically complex goods, which means they can be returned as usual within 14 days, provided that the goods and packaging are intact. Write a complaint to the store. If the cost of the goods is not returned, go to court.

    When presenting a gift card at the M.Video store, it is discovered that it has already been cashed out by another person without presentation. What to do?

    Since you have the card in your hands, you can file a claim with the store. It is advisable to find a receipt for the purchase of a gift card. In this case, the money must be returned.

    We paid for the connection of the washing machine in M.Video. After installation, the technician demanded that we pay again because we paid “only for the call.” Is this legal?

    You need to read the contract or check to see what kind of service is specified there. If you connect a washing machine, then you have to do it without additional charges. If something else, perhaps you were misled by the store employees, saying that you are paying specifically for installation. However, it will be difficult to prove this without recording the conversation.

    I contacted M.Video to have my TV repaired under warranty. They told me that the warranty period had expired and I had to repair it in a workshop at my own expense. Then it turned out that the warranty period had not yet expired. Is it possible to demand money from M.Video for repairs?

    In this case, you need to look at the warranty period indicated in the coupon or on the manufacturer’s website. If you were denied warranty repairs on M.Video, you can recover money for repairs carried out at your own expense through legal proceedings.

    Warranty case

    You can see how long the purchased product is covered by the warranty in the corresponding coupon. In addition to the standard warranty, which most often covers a period not exceeding 1 year of operation, you can also issue an additional one. In the event that the warranty expires, maintenance and repair of equipment is carried out on a commercial basis.

    Important! Free warranty repairs are possible only in cases of manufacturing defects; if the breakdown occurred due to the fault of the consumer, then payment for the service is borne by the client. If a controversial situation arises, an independent examination is carried out.

    Do not confuse concepts such as “warranty” and “free service” - these are completely different things. Free repairs are possible only in the first case, while the second concept means free work of the technician, and the cash costs for purchasing spare parts are covered by the client.

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