Power of attorney for registration of a vehicle with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate from a legal entity

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  3. Document form
  4. How to fill out a document correctly
  5. Execution of an agreement by a legal entity
  6. Registration procedure

Registration and deregistration of a vehicle by proxy raises questions among those who are faced with this for the first time. In order not to waste time, it is important to know how to do this correctly.

Until recently, a notarized power of attorney was required for registration actions with someone else’s vehicle. This year, it is enough to issue a handwritten document with the owner’s signature (Articles 185 - 189 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Chapter 10). The changes also affected the package of documents for carrying out procedural actions with someone else’s vehicle.

The powers that the document gives

Any vehicle receives the right to participate in road traffic only after registering it with the State Traffic Inspectorate . The procedure is carried out by the owner of the vehicle. But in some cases, the owner cannot do this personally for a number of reasons. The law allows accounting actions with vehicles by proxy.

A power of attorney for registering a car with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate is a confirmation of the transfer of authority to a third party, who receives the opportunity to carry out all registration actions, after which the rights and obligations arise to the owner of the vehicle. The principal and third party can be both physical and legal entities.

Documents confirming the registration of a car (or other vehicle), executed with the participation of an authorized person, are issued in the name of the owner who issued the power of attorney.

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What is a general power of attorney for a car and how to formalize it correctly.

Power of attorney to drive a car.

On the basis of a power of attorney received from the owner, a third party represents the interests of the principal without his participation in the registration authorities.

The document gives the right to perform the following actions:

  • Registration of a vehicle purchased at a car dealership , imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, assembled independently or imported into the Russian Federation temporarily for a period of at least 6 months;
  • Changing data when purchasing a used car , processing design changes, obtaining new license plates, registration documents, movable property passports if they are lost or have become unusable;
  • Upon sale of a car or theft - termination of registration;
  • Deregistration for removal of a vehicle outside the country or for its disposal.

To obtain information certificates from the MREO regarding the registration and re-registration of a car, as well as to appeal the actions of a traffic police inspector through a third party, a power of attorney from the owner will be required.

The rights to carry out registration activities can be specified in a document granting the right to drive a vehicle to a third party.

Necessary expenses

Compared to the price of the car, registration steps are inexpensive:

  • The state duty for the production of license plates is 2 thousand rubles.
  • registration certificate – 500 rubles.
  • re-registration and entry of changed data of the vehicle or owner into the certificate - 350 rubles.

Thus, with the receipt of new numbers, the costs will be 2,500 rubles. without receiving – 850 rub.

The Government Services portal provides a 30% discount on payment of fees and state duties.


A simple written power of attorney does not give authority to complete a sale and purchase transaction or exchange, or to use a vehicle as collateral.

The document must indicate the passport details of the owner and the intermediary, detailed details of both parties: registration and actual residence addresses, a list of powers granted, signatures.

Information regarding the vehicle must contain:

  • model name and brand;
  • body color;
  • release date;
  • information about PTS;
  • license plate;
  • body and engine numbers.

When filling out, you must indicate the date of the power of attorney and its validity period, which by default is 1 year, and is limited, if necessary, to a maximum period of 3 years. For prompt communication between the MREO specialist and the owner, the latter’s contact number is indicated.

If an MREO specialist refuses to carry out registration procedures, while requiring a notarized power of attorney, you should receive written explanations according to which the authorized person is denied authority.

Is it possible to enter additional details or delete existing ones?

Owners often have questions about whether it is possible to draw up a power of attorney for several vehicles.

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The Civil Code does not formally prohibit this, but regulations and internal rules of registration departments require a separate power of attorney for each vehicle. Powers of attorney with entered (corrected) data of authorized persons or vehicles are not accepted.

Document form

To avoid mistakes in drawing up a written power of attorney, it is recommended to use online resources and download a ready-made form.

The paper presents the data in the following order:

  1. City and date of document execution.
  2. The details of the two parties are in strict accordance with the passports.
  3. Car data: make, body type, color, etc.
  4. Places of registration and residence of both parties (for enterprises - location).
  5. Delegated powers (a complete list of them) relating directly to the vehicle.
  6. Validity period of the document. Default is 1 year. The period cannot exceed a period of 3 years.
  7. If the principal considers it possible to transfer powers from the intermediary to another entity, he mentions this in a separate paragraph.
  8. Personal signature of the parties to the agreement (or the head of the enterprise and the authorized representative).

Power of attorney for removal and registration of a vehicle with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Transferring control of a car to other drivers has become possible thanks to the MTPL insurance policy. However, in order to register a vehicle, remove the car from it, and re-register it with the traffic police through another person, and not personally, you must go through certain procedures.

To perform legally significant actions on behalf of the owner, the latter is obliged to issue a power of attorney to another person.

Types of powers of attorney for a car

According to Art. 185 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation , a power of attorney is a written authority issued by one person to another person or other persons for representation before third parties.

There are 3 main types of such a document:

  1. One-time - allows the person for whom the document is drawn up to perform the only action specified in the text of the power of attorney.
  2. Special - intended for performing not just one, but a list of trusted actions. The entire list must be written in the text of the document.
  3. General is a universal document that almost completely transfers the powers of the owner to another person so that he can perform all the necessary actions within a certain time period.

As you can see from the rights and opportunities that are guaranteed by each type of document, it is best to draw up a general power of attorney form for registering a car. It will allow the owner to complete all formal procedures with the traffic police, without being limited to a strictly designated list of opportunities provided by one-time and special powers of attorney.

Among the extended rights, it is worth noting the following points:

  1. Registration of a car : both a foreign brand and a Russian one, and, most interestingly, even a vehicle designed independently, as well as a car that will be located within the Russian Federation for more than 6 months. More details about the procedure for registering vehicles can be found in Order No. 1001 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dated November 24, 2008.
  2. Changing registration data . It may be needed when the owner of the car has changed his full name or moved to another locality. Also, changing registration data is necessary in a situation where the state registration is lost or deformed. number / registration certificate / passport for the car.
  3. Termination of registration of a car with the traffic police . If the vehicle has been sold, and the new owner does not want to begin the re-registration procedure, as well as in the case where it is impossible to determine where the car is, or in a situation where it has been stolen.

powers of attorney

This document must contain the following information:

  • the date of drawing up the document, as well as the period of its validity, which is no more than 3 years (in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Article 186 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If the power of attorney does not indicate its validity period, it remains valid for a year from the date of its execution, and the power of attorney , which does not indicate the date of its commission, is void);
  • the name of the locality in which it was compiled;
  • FULL NAME. both the principal and the trustee, and it is necessary to enter the data in accordance with the Russian passports of the parties;
  • description of the car in respect of which legally significant actions will be performed: type of vehicle, its make, engine number, main technical characteristics, state and vin numbers, color of the car, data (number, series, registration date, place of issue) from the title;
  • a list of assigned powers (especially important if the owner nevertheless decided to issue a special or one-time subtype);
  • indicates the possibility or prohibition of transferring entrustment to another subject.

Deregistration of a car by proxy

It is necessary to deregister a vehicle in situations where the owner intends to go abroad himself or sells the car to a foreign counterparty. Also, removal occurs when the car has already “served its service” and needs to be scrapped.

power of attorney for deregistration of a car

A sample power of attorney for deregistering a car is drawn up according to the same rules as the document for registering a vehicle. In this case, the person carrying out the instructions of the owner will need:

  • an application from the car owner requesting that the car be deregistered;
  • PTS;
  • a certificate confirming the registration of the vehicle;
  • documents explaining the reason why the owner wants to deregister the car;
  • receipt with payment of duty.

The reasons can be very diverse: from disposal to theft.

Power of attorney for re-registration of a vehicle

The power of attorney form for re-registration of a car in the traffic police is filled out according to the general rules specified in the previous section. However, the list of required documents differs. In addition to the power of attorney, traffic police officers must present:

  • vehicle purchase and sale agreement;
  • PTS;
  • an application filled out by the owner regarding the need to re-register the vehicle;
  • a receipt confirming payment of the state duty.

All documents are submitted to the MREO at the place of registration of the car. They can be issued to a representative not only by ordinary citizens, but also by organizations that have vehicles at their disposal. To begin the procedure, it is enough to bring the completed form and the above-mentioned documentary list.

power of attorney for car re-registration

Sources: https://avtopravil.net/doverennost-postanovka-na-uchet.html https://provodim24.ru/pereoformlenie-avtomobilja-v-svjazi-so-smertju-vladelca.html

Execution of an agreement by a legal entity

Legal actions in the interests of a company without a power of attorney are available only to its director.

Registration of a car purchased by a legal entity can be performed by an individual (company employee) only with a power of attorney. The document is certified by the management of the company with the signature of the director or administrative authorized group.

To transfer rights to an individual, the company’s management issues an appropriate order that regulates the need for these measures.

The power of attorney specifies:

  1. Organization, address and location of the head office.
  2. Organization details.
  3. Passport details of the head of the company.
  4. Reasons (order number and date).
  5. Full name, passport details, position in the company of the authorized person.
  6. List of powers.
  7. Place of registration and other actions (you can specify the exact address and number of the traffic police department).
  8. Restrictions, if any.
  9. The validity period of the power of attorney (by default, legally, it will be 1 year).
  10. Director's signature. The presence of a seal imprint is not a necessary measure.
  11. Place and date of drawing up this paper.

Sample document:

When is a power of attorney terminated early?

A document transferring a person’s powers to an attorney ceases to be valid in the following cases:

  1. The principal recalled it, considering its further use inappropriate.
  2. The authorized person does not want to fulfill the duties assigned to him.
  3. The principal no longer has the right to issue a power of attorney to represent the interests of a person in the traffic police.
  4. The principal or attorney has gone missing, died, or become incapacitated.
  5. The company acting as the attorney has gone bankrupt or ceased to exist.

A power of attorney to represent a person’s interests at the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate can be revoked. For this purpose, the principal draws up a document in the same form as the power of attorney itself. The review is handed over to an authorized person against signature or sent by registered mail. The attorney must return the power of attorney to represent interests in the traffic police to the car owner. A notarized document is also revoked by a notary. Interested parties are notified of the revocation of the power of attorney.

Registration procedure

A power of attorney for the right of registration is not the only document for carrying out relevant activities. In addition, you will need a package of documents to register a vehicle without the participation of the car owner:

  1. Power of attorney.
  2. Russian citizen passport.
  3. A document giving the right of ownership of the vehicle to the owner (purchase and sale agreement, donation agreement, etc.).
  4. Intermediary passport.
  5. OSAGO policy.
  6. PTS and STS.
  7. Receipt or confirmation of payment of state duty.
  8. Application on a special form (filled out at the MREO).

For legal entities you will need the following documents:

  1. Certificate of acceptance and transfer of the vehicle. ().
  2. Registration certificate.
  3. Stamped registration application signed by the intermediary.
  4. For branches of the company, documents are required: an order from the central office, a certificate of registration with the tax authority, regulations on the branch, a power of attorney for the head of the branch and a representative of the traffic police.

To carry out accounting activities, the vehicle must be inspected at a special viewing platform.

  • If it is not possible to provide the vehicle for inspection on the day of registration, you can present a report to the traffic police from the expert organization that conducted the inspection.
  • The MREO will need to fill out a number of documents. When registering and carrying out other registration activities by proxy, all documents are filled out by a proxy.

A written power of attorney for registering a car greatly simplifies the registration procedure for both private and legal entities. The availability of online applications allows you to use ready-made sample documents and download forms to fill out.

Who can represent the State Traffic Inspectorate?

Powers of attorney to represent interests in the traffic police can be issued to an organization, subordinate, close relative, friend or acquaintance. The main thing is that the attorney has the opportunity to be present in the right place at the specified time, is an adult, has legal capacity and agrees to perform the actions that are required of him. A document may be issued in the name of several persons, endowing them with equal or individual powers, entrusting them with the performance of a task specified by a power of attorney, through joint efforts.

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