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If you need to protect your real estate and need to defend your housing rights, then feel free to contact the lawyers of our service. Lawyers will be able to resolve disputes with developers in court, provide assistance in the privatization of housing, defend ownership rights and assist in many other matters related to housing and real estate.

Housing law is closely intertwined with other branches - civil, administrative, tax, inheritance, etc. In addition to federal regulations, some situations may be regulated by regional legislation. It is very difficult to understand all this without legal education and practical experience.


Name of serviceCost of service, rub.
Resolving issues with registrationfrom 20,000 rub.
Recognition of loss of right to use housingfrom 15,000 rub.
The procedure for dividing residential premises and its shared distributionfrom 25,000 rub.
Resolving issues regarding the use of living spacefrom 15,000 rub.
Rental contract termination servicesfrom 25,000 rub.
Registration of property rightsfrom 15,000 rub.

Cost of housing lawyer services

List of basic services

Name of servicePrice
Oral consultation (up to 30 minutes)FOR FREE
Consultation in writingfrom 2000 rubles
Drawing up an application for a court orderfrom 1000 rubles
Drawing up the necessary documents: claims, complaints, requestsfrom 3000 rubles
Representation in courtfrom 5000 rubles
Turnkey legal protection: from claim to victoryfrom 15,000 rubles
Appeal, defense in a higher authorityfrom 3000 rubles
Assistance in the execution of a court decisionfrom 3000 rubles

This list contains the most popular types of services; to clarify the cost specifically for your problem, call or write to chat! We specifically designate the cost as “From”, because the price depends on the complexity of the case.

Name of servicePrice
Eviction of a former spouse, temporarily registered residents, etc. from the living space.from 10,000 rubles
Recognition of ownership of a house or apartmentfrom 10,000 rubles
Recognition through the court of the legality of redevelopmentfrom 10,000 rubles
Representation of the interests of the plaintiff in a dispute with the developerfrom 10,000 rubles
Challenging the cadastral value of real estatefrom 10,000 rubles
Postponement of execution of a court decision on evictionfrom 10,000 rubles
Reclaiming real estate from someone else's illegal possessionfrom 10,000 rubles
Recognition of a share in property as insignificant with the right to redeem itfrom 10,000 rubles
Collection of rent arrearsfrom 10,000 rubles
Establishing a share in real estatefrom 10,000 rubles
Establishing the procedure for using real estatefrom 10,000 rubles
Compensation for damage in case of flooding of an apartmentfrom 10,000 rubles
Invalidation of a real estate transactionfrom 10,000 rubles

Who may have housing disputes?

The experience of our lawyers in court cases and in conducting housing and legal consultations shows that most often such problems arise among citizens:

  • forced to change their place of registration due to professional employment;
  • deprived of registration in certain cases;
  • without permanent residence, etc.;

Only by taking the opportunity to receive qualified advice from lawyers on housing issues can you be sure that the documentation will be drawn up correctly, and the protection of your rights in court will be well-reasoned.

Free legal advice on housing issues right now!

Do you want to quickly find out the prospects for your housing law case? Leave a request for a free prospect analysis:

  1. Call the hotline number
  2. Or write your question to the duty lawyer via online chat
  3. Or leave your question in the form below

As part of a free online consultation, the client receives a superficial analysis of the prospects of the case; answers to questions that do not require deep immersion; step-by-step instructions and action strategy; an explanation of the law and an explanation of your rights. But you must understand that not all issues can be resolved over the phone, and if the case is more complex and requires familiarization with the documents in hand, then to further protect your interests, the lawyer will, at your request, invite you to a personal meeting in the office.

Removing obstacles to using the apartment

If you have ownership rights or are registered in the apartment, but other persons living in the apartment prevent you from living in this apartment, then the only effective way to protect your right is to file an appropriate claim for occupancy. Without such a court decision, the police are inactive and do not actually respond to citizens’ appeals. The task of a lawyer in housing disputes is to prove in court the existence of conflicting relationships, actual obstacles in living, repeated calls to the police, facts of changing locks, as well as what is impossible on your own. The court considers all these circumstances and makes a decision to remove obstacles to the use of residential premises and hand over duplicate keys. The execution of the decision is entrusted to the police and the bailiff service. In case of violation of a court order, residents are fined administratively.

The average time for consideration of housing disputes is about 3 months.

Customer Reviews

Gratitude from Elena and Alexander I sincerely thank lawyer Vasily Anatolyevich for his qualified and polite service. We will always contact you and tell our friends. Thank you.


Alexander 998-98-59

Review by Egorova A.N. I, Egorova Antonina Nikolaevna, am very pleased with the consultation of Yuri Vladimirovich Sukhovarov. Thank you for your attentiveness and understanding. I wish you further professional growth.

Gratitude to Solovyov I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Konstantin Vasilievich Solovyov for his attentive attitude and very competent consultation. And if I ever need legal support, I will definitely turn to him. I would also like to mention Daria Valentinovna Kutuzova, who greeted me with a smile and answered some of my questions. I wish the company success, further prosperity, and more clients.

Gratitude from gr. Tiuntsova G. A. I asked for advice from your “Legal Agency of St. Petersburg” - regarding deception by one person who presented himself as an employee of Rospotrebnadzor of the Krasnoselsky district, Novichkov A. A. Offered me a service - before the New Year, go on a tourist trade union voucher to Moscow on the Sapsan railway transport. I refused due to the manipulation of the placement of seats - in different trains, and then by car. Lawyer Sergei Vyacheslavovich Mavrichev handled this case and provided consultations. I thank you for such a sensitive and attentive attitude in office work, which was denied at the 58th police department of the Vyborg district, under Art. 24, 144, 145 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, I now have the right to appeal the conclusion and will send an application for further investigation to the district prosecutor's office.

Tiuntsov G. A.


Gratitude I express my deep gratitude to lawyer Konstantin Vasilyevich for his attentive, kind, and, most importantly, very clear and competent explanation of my situation. It's nice to know that the world is not without good people. I wish Konstantin Vasilyevich good health, success in everything, prosperity, good, grateful clients and all the best. Sincerely.

Customer Feedback We thank the employees of Legal Agency of St. Petersburg LLC and, first of all, Yana Maksimovna Matveeva and Andrey Valerievich Ermakov for their highly qualified and thorough consideration of our issue and the prompt solution to our housing problem.

Also to Daria Valentivna Kutuzov for her attentive and friendly attitude towards visitors.

Review by Lobova E.I. Dear Lyubov Vladimirovna, I, Evgenia Ilyinichna Lobova, would like to express my deep gratitude to lawyer Yuri Vladimirovich Sukhovarov for the objective, complete, competent consultation on an issue that interests me. As theater begins with a hanger, I cannot help but note the exceptional politeness of the administrator Daria Vladimirovna Kutuzova.

I wish you great success! Lobova E.I.

Gratitude from Truk N.N. I would like to express my gratitude to Vasily Anatolyevich Kavalyauskus, Alexander Viktorovich Pavlyuchenko and Maxim Andreevich Lobur for providing qualified legal assistance, with the help of which my problem was resolved quickly and clearly. When contacted, I always found understanding and attention. It’s good that the “Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights” employs such lawyers and advocates. I wish you success in your future work and defending the interests of consumers.

Sincerely, Truk N.N.


Review by Sokolov M.Yu. I express my gratitude to your company, as well as Denis Yurievich Stepanov and Daria Valentinovna Kutuzova for their conscientious attitude to their duties.

With sincere respect, Sokolov M.Yu.

Review by Marcheilo I.V. On September 24, 2021, I turned to Konstantin Vasilievich for legal advice. I would like to express my gratitude for your sensitive, attentive attitude and qualified assistance. I received a comprehensive answer to all my questions. They helped a lot. Thank you! Sincerely, Marcheilo Irina Vladimirovna.

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Why should you contact us?

All legal experts on our site have the necessary experience in working with housing legislation and higher legal education, which allows them to solve any legal problems of citizens who seek help.

Our free legal advice on housing law includes:

  • 24/7 assistance . A legal consultant is available 24/7 without breaks or weekends. No matter what time of day or night you contact us, you will always receive a prompt answer to your question!
  • Efficiency . Just 10 minutes from the moment you request a consultation - and our lawyer will call you back or respond online.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality . None of your requests are published publicly, and free help is available without registration. Lawyers do not need to provide their full name, address or passport information; just their name and phone number are enough for a call back.
  • Professionalism . Our lawyers have the necessary education and practical experience sufficient to resolve even the most complex housing issue.

Case resolution experience

In the summer of 2021, the Capital District Court considered a case in which the plaintiff, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, demanded to evict the defendant. In support of the appeal, a representative of the ministry indicated:

  1. The defendant is occupying the property illegally.
  2. This fact was established during the inventory.
  3. Persons occupying housing were not previously registered as needing square meters.
  4. The defendant did not enter into labor relations with the ministry.

The court, having considered the stated circumstances and documentary evidence, satisfied the claim in full. The rationale for the decision was as follows:

  • The occupied housing belongs to the specialized housing stock;
  • The defendant occupies the apartment on the basis of a decision of persons who are not authorized to make it;

In addition, the person does not have an employment relationship with the ministry, has no reason to occupy the premises specified in the claim, and the defendant did not provide evidence to the contrary.

In this case, the legal assistance provided on housing issues would have drawn the plaintiff’s attention to the following three points:

  • It is impossible to evict from official housing without providing other living quarters;
  • This applies to cases where settlement took place legally;
  • The circumstances of the applicant’s settlement do not meet this requirement, and the prospects for winning the case are doubtful.

In the winter of the same year, the Capital District Court considered another case regarding a claim to invalidate an agreement on the alienation of a share in an apartment. In support of the appeal, the plaintiff stated:

  1. The gift agreement was concluded in simple written form.
  2. The money was transferred against receipt of receipt.
  3. The plaintiff did not pay attention to the fact that the gift agreement was executed, and not the sale and purchase.
  4. Before the transaction, the applicant had a right of use, but not ownership of the share.

During the consideration of the case, circumstances were established indicating the intention of the plaintiff and other persons to evade tax obligations. Based on the requirements, it was decided to refuse the applicant completely. The reason is that the court did not establish, and the plaintiff did not prove, the circumstances specified in the claim that confirm his claims.

This is a significant case in which the plaintiff made a number of significant mistakes, both when purchasing a share in an apartment and when selling it. Free help with housing issues online or by phone, in person could help:

  • Protect the applicant from these errors;
  • Draw up alienation agreements in accordance with the requirements of the law and the plaintiff’s intentions;
  • Preserve the person’s financial resources in full;
  • Avoid criminal prosecution by tax authorities.

Instead, the plaintiff relied on his own strength, lacking legal knowledge and special skills. The result is sad; further legal assistance to get out of this situation was ineffective and required significant financial costs.

Peculiarities of resolving disputes with housing cooperatives and homeowners' associations

The quality of utilities and their payment, the procedure for operation and maintenance of a multi-storey building are pressing issues for apartment owners. They are concerned about inflated rates, unreasonable fees, errors in receipts, unnecessary repairs, ignoring their opinions when making decisions, and many other issues. As a result, the owners enter into disputes with the HOA or housing cooperative, which have taken over the management of the property. But the satisfaction of even justified claims depends on:

  • from competence in the field of law;
  • competent and verified approach;
  • presence of business connections;
  • other factors.

The company's independent lawyers meet these criteria. They will find a way out in case of violations of the rules for using the property of the house, damage caused by the management company and in other situations.

How to discharge a person through the court?

The need to deregister (deregister) a person arises in two cases:

  • if you are the owner (for example, you just purchased an apartment), and strangers were registered in it;
  • when you live under a social tenancy agreement and besides you, people are registered in the apartment who do not actually live in it.

Deregistration of unauthorized persons after purchasing an apartment

In the event that you become the owner of an apartment, whether through inheritance, purchase, gift, you have the right to deregister those persons who were previously “registered” there. It is necessary to separate the concepts of registration at the place of residence and ownership. In Russia, the institution of “propiska” no longer exists, and registration at the place of residence is solely a notification to the state of the place of residence. To carry out the “extract” procedure, you will need to independently or, using the services of a lawyer for housing disputes, file a claim with the court at the location of the apartment to remove the citizen from registration, if the citizen does not want to be discharged voluntarily. Despite a common misconception, the new owner has the right to “discharge” minors registered in the apartment in accordance with the general procedure.

Extract from a social rented apartment

If you live in a socially rented apartment, and besides you, there are citizens registered in it who do not actually live there, then you can deregister them through the court.

The law provides the following grounds for deregistration of a citizen:

  • the apartment is in social rent;
  • the person does not pay utility bills;
  • actually resides elsewhere;
  • or grossly violates the rules of conduct and residence.

The main task of a lawyer in housing disputes in this category of cases is to collect evidence that utility bills were actually paid only by you (receipts); the person lives in another place, perhaps owns another residential premises; testimony of witnesses (neighbors) that this person has not appeared at this address for a long time. When the court makes a decision to remove a person from registration, the lawyer sends the decision to the passport office, which executes the court's decision.

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