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Before reaching the age of majority, children have the right to preferential travel, since they belong to a special category of citizens of the Russian Federation (According to the Order of JSC Russian Railways No. 1289r dated June 29, 2012). There are various options for obtaining a discount - by age, schoolchildren, by belonging to a special group (disabled people, orphans, etc.). However, the conditions for granting such privileges change every year. This article discusses in detail what children's tickets and train fares are valid in 2021 on Russian Railways.

Are there any discounts on children's train tickets in 2021?

Children of preschool and school age belong to the preferential category of citizens of the Russian Federation, which gives an advantage in using the transport services of Russian Railways. A small passenger is guaranteed to receive a discount on travel on a train in any direction. The amount of this bonus varies. The amount of discount on children's train tickets in 2021 depends on the age of the child and the preferential category. Children under 5 years old are allowed to ride in the same passenger seat with their parent. In this case, you do not need to pay for the ticket.

Attention! If you have any questions, you can chat for free with a lawyer at the bottom of the screen or call Moscow; Saint Petersburg; Free call for all of Russia.

On which trains is childcare possible?

The service is provided only up to the age of 16 and is currently provided only on four routes and on selected trains:

  • No. 747/748 “Nevsky Express” and “Sapsan” in the direction Moscow - St. Petersburg;
  • No. 727/728, 729/730, 731/732, 733/734 “Swallow” Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod;
  • No. 801/802 “Swallow” Adler - Krasnodar;
  • No. 803/804, 822/821 “Swallow” Imereti resort - Krasnodar.

The cost of childcare services at Sapsan is 1,600 rubles, at Nevsky Express - 1,500 rubles. You can order it at the Leningradsky station in Moscow at ticket offices no. 1-2, and in St. Petersburg - at the Moskovsky station at ticket offices no. 9-10.

It is better to check details for other destinations at the station when purchasing a ticket. When traveling from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod - at the Kursky station at ticket office No. 12, at the station in Nizhny Novgorod - at ticket office No. 6, at the same place on the street. October Revolution, 7A - in window No. 1, at the Krasnodar station - at the ticket office No. 2, at the Adler station - in window No. 4, at the Sochi station - No. 6.

Normative base

All standards for the movement of children on a train, regardless of direction, are regulated by the following documents:

  1. Rules for the provision of transportation by rail in the Russian Federation. This document was approved on March 2, 2005, by the 111th Resolution of the Russian Government, and the edition was adopted on June 17, 2015.
  2. Sanitary standards of the Chief State Physician. The document is dated January 21, 2014, and registration took place with the Ministry of Justice on March 26, 2014 under number 31731.
  3. Letter from the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation No. YuN-04-10/3489 dated 06/04/2015.
  4. Civil and Family Codes of the Russian Federation.
  5. Federal Law No.-FZ of April 24, 2008.

The letter from the Ministry of Transport regulates general issues of transporting children. The Civil and Family Codes of the Russian Federation, as well as the above-mentioned Federal Law, describe the conditions for moving a child with or without parents.

Children's train fare in 2021

The fare and discount amount for children's train tickets in 2021 are determined by the age group of minor citizens. There are three categories in total:

  • from 0 to 4 years;
  • from 5 to 10 years;
  • from 11 to 17 years.

In 2021, Russian Railways provides the right to free travel and gives discounts to children, subject to the purchase of a travel ticket (clause 19 of Russian Government Decree No. 111. In this case, parents need to carefully calculate the full age of the small passenger. The purchase of a travel document depends on this. For example, on At the time of ordering the ticket, the child is 4 years old, and on the day of departure he will turn 5. In this case, a travel document for the category of children “from 5 to 10 years old” is purchased.

Free travel age for children in 2021

Children under 5 years of age are entitled to free train travel. However, there is a mandatory condition regarding the placement of passengers in the carriage, in accordance with clause 13 of the rules for the provision of transportation by rail in the Russian Federation (Resolution of the Russian Government No. 111). The child must ride in the same seat as the parent. A free child ticket in 2021 means that the baby will not have a separate seat on the train. Only in this case can you get a 100% discount on travel. At the same time, Russian Railways takes into account the number of children and other family members.


Get a free train ticket for children in 2021, possible for 1 child per accompanying person. For example, if a parent is transporting two children, then only one of the offspring will receive a travel document, and the second must pay for the trip according to the tariff.

For luxury class carriages there is an exception to the rule - free tickets for two children, regardless of the number of adults accompanying them. By age category, these are children up to 5 and up to 10 years. If three children are accommodated in a luxury class carriage, then one of the children will need a paid ticket.

Travel of unaccompanied children

Children can travel on a train unaccompanied by adults only after the child reaches 10 years of age. The first thing you need for your child to travel independently:

  • have a conversation with the child, tell him about safety rules, safety precautions and all the nuances that he may encounter on the road. Don't intimidate your child, but be honest;
  • The lowest shelves are considered the safest place, so buy your child a ticket for this;
  • do not forget to provide your child with personal hygiene products and medications for the trip;
  • ask the conductor or passengers in the carriage to look after the child and provide assistance if necessary;
  • bring a mobile phone with you on the road;
  • Be sure to tell those greeting you the number of the carriage where your child is traveling and his telephone number.

General rules for traveling unaccompanied children

You need to understand and follow the general rules for transporting small passengers without parents, namely:

  • Children can travel within their region of residence with a ticket;
  • children aged 10 to 18 years travel within the Russian Federation only with written permission from their parent;
  • unaccompanied children do not exit the train onto the platform;
  • children are handed over to their parents only if they provide a passport;

Also, do not forget that Russian Railways has a special service for accompanying children

Types of train benefits for children in 2021

In 2021, the following train benefits are provided for children:

  • for a trip to an educational institution (65%, 50%, 100% of the ticket amount);
  • travel within the Russian Federation and abroad (65%, 50% of the cost);
  • summer promotions;
  • free travel in any direction.

According to paragraph 9 of Art. 6 No. 159-FZ of December 21, 1996 and Art. 6.2. Federal Law No. 178 of July 17, 1999, children receive a 100% discount:

  1. Persons killed or injured in the line of duty.
  2. Orphans who have lost one or two parents, as well as those left without care for other reasons.
  3. From a large family.
  4. Disabled people of different groups.
  5. Forced migrants from refugee families.
  6. Victims of an accident (fire, robbery, flooding, loss of home, etc.).
  7. Victims of environmental and man-made disasters, terrorist attacks;
  8. Victims of a natural disaster.
  9. Growing up in a low-income family.
  10. Raised by disabled parents.

In other cases, the size of the discount on train travel in 2021 is set in accordance with the age category of the child.

Which children can receive discounts and promotions on Russian Railways?

Name of benefit/promotionValidityCategory of children and age
Free passValid all year round Up to 5 years (standard carriage)

Up to 10 years (SV)

Disabled people


From a large family

65% discount (trip to the CIS countries, the Baltics, Abkhazia)Valid all year roundFrom 5 to 10 years
Payment 50% of the ticket price (directions – Paris, Vienna, Prague, Nice)Valid all year round
Payment 50% of the ticket price (trip within Russia)From September 1 to May 31, 2021-2022Pupils
"Happy Holidays"From June 1 to August 31, 2021-2022

What are the train benefits for schoolchildren in 2021?

According to paragraph 30 of Russian Government Decree No. 111, in 2021 the following benefits for schoolchildren for train travel are valid:

  1. Free pass.
  2. 65% discount.
  3. Half price ticket.

In 2021, “preparatory students” from additional education institutions, i.e., have the right to free train travel for up to 5 years. children up to 4 years old inclusive. The tariff is valid throughout the year. The condition is canceled when the child reaches 5 years of age.

Schoolchildren in 2021 receive a 65% discount on train tickets. The tariff is valid for children aged 5-10 years, during the school year. For older minors, fares are paid at half price.

For train travel, students aged 14 years or older in 2021 receive a discount only with a supporting document. This could be, for example, a school ID, or a certificate with the seal of the organization and the signature of the director.

How to apply for a discount for children on train tickets?

In order to apply for a discount on train tickets for children in 2021, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Step 1. Collect the necessary documents. This could be a certificate from the school, confirmation of a preferential category, or a student card (depending on the purpose of the trip, direction). Mandatory: parent's passport, child's birth certificate (from 14 years old - passport) and power of attorney for traveling abroad with one adult.
  2. Step 2. Purchase a ticket through the Russian Railways ticket office, central office or the Internet. When purchasing online, payment is made in three ways - through an electronic wallet, bank card or terminal, and a check is sent electronically to the email specified in the application.

The list of documents for applying for a discount and receiving benefits for train travel in accordance with clause 19 of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 111 and Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated April 13, 2020 No. 118 is as follows:

  • birth certificate;
  • student card;
  • a certificate from the school with the stamp and signature of the director;
  • identification document of the accompanying person (not required for trips to study);
  • paper confirming that the child belongs to a special preferential group (for free travel for children over 5 years old);
  • a notarized power of attorney (if the child is going abroad with one parent, it is not required for traveling within the territory of the Russian Federation).

Accompaniment: what is needed to send a child without parents

The rules for transporting children in Russia and abroad without parents are significantly different. Let's look at the main nuances for sending your baby with his grandmother or relatives by train.

With escort throughout Russia

How to send a child on a train without parents, but with an escort? This question is asked by every second parent who wants to let their child and relatives relax. The collection of documents begins, some powers of attorney.

We can safely say that traveling around Russia with an escort is quite easy for children. As we have already said, after 10 years a child can travel on a train independently. Until this age, it is best to ask friends or relatives. To accompany you in the Russian Federation, you do not need a special permit. All you need is:

  • child's birth certificate;
  • accompanying person's identity card;
  • tickets;

At this point the list of documents can be considered closed.

Accompanied abroad

If the trip involves crossing a border or the final destination is not on the territory of the Russian Federation, you need to be thoroughly prepared. You will need:

  • child's birth certificate;
  • official permission, which states the full name of the person accompanying your child, his passport details, as well as the child’s details;
  • identification document of the accompanying person;

The most important thing is that the child must clearly understand who he is traveling with so that no questions arise at the border.

When do you need a certificate from school to receive a discount on a train ticket?

In 2021, a certificate from the child’s place of study will be needed when applying for a discount on a train ticket. This is necessary to confirm the student’s preferential category.

A certificate from school is a document indicating that the little passenger is indeed a student. To buy a child's train ticket at a discount, you need to remember to take your child's birth certificate with you.

To obtain a certificate from your child’s place of study, you must complete the following steps to receive a discount on a train ticket:

  1. Contact the director's reception office and leave a request (after recording the data, the secretary will inform you about the time frame within which the document will be ready).
  2. Wait for the appointed time and pick up the certificate (you will need to sign for receipt).

It is important to make sure that the student’s personal data is written correctly on the certificate, as well as the signature of the director and the school’s seal (otherwise the document is invalid). If the first manager is on sick leave or on a business trip, the right to sign remains with the deputy (head teacher).

How to prepare a child?

  • Discuss the stages of the trip in detail, explain who he can turn to for help if he encounters any problem.
  • Check if he took all the necessary documents with him.
  • Make sure he has a phone with him so you can stay in touch with your child. In addition, parents should know the telephone numbers of the people meeting the child and, just in case, you can ask for the telephone number of the conductor of the carriage in which the child will travel.

An independent trip will be a truly unforgettable experience for a child. The trip will give him the opportunity to show his courage, responsibility and, of course, independence. Today, Russian Railways is a safe and reliable organization, so parents should not worry when sending their children on a trip.

Ways to buy a train ticket for a child

There are three ways to purchase a children's train ticket in 2021:

  1. Through railway ticket offices.
  2. By contacting the central office of Russian Railways.
  3. Purchasing via the Internet.

Additional information
The first way to buy a train ticket for a child in 2021 involves the personal presence of the little passenger and the accompanying parent. In this option, there is a first come first serve basis, which is not always convenient. A train ticket for a child is purchased with documents - a passport for an adult, a birth certificate and a school certificate for children. The second method, namely purchasing through the central office of Russian Railways, often causes difficulties for parents. The reason for this is that the hotline is constantly busy, making it almost impossible to get advice.

The best way to buy a children's train ticket at a discount is through the Internet. To do this, you need to go to the Russian Railways website and fill out an application. Several payment options are available online:

  • payment terminals;
  • electronic wallets;
  • bank card.

After sending funds to the cash account, to the email address specified in the application, the organization sends children's train tickets, which can be provided in both electronic and printed versions. The advantage of this method is that the receipt will not be lost.

What conditions must be met for a child to travel without family?

The nuances of transporting minors by train are not known to everyone. To go on a trip, it is enough that at least one parent participates in it. If this is not possible, then you will have to start preparing documents for the accompanying person and drawing up a power of attorney. A young traveler can travel freely, but only from the age of 10. You do not have to obtain special permission for this. It is enough that the baby has a birth certificate and a travel ticket.

Many parents do not let their children go on a trip alone and look for an accompanying person. In this case, the child's companion must have an identification card with him. No special no permission will be required either. When accompanying a child abroad, official permission from the parents and all necessary documents will be required.

Children can travel abroad independently if the child is already 10 years old. If parents agree to such a trip, it is necessary to first talk strictly with the child, explain how to behave during the trip, where to call if problems arise.

First, it is worth talking with the person meeting you, sending him the carriage number and agreeing that the parent will receive a message that the child has reached the destination safe and sound. Russian Railways, for example, has a special escort service for minor passengers. Such assistance is paid - from 1.5 thousand rubles.

Required documents

Taking into account the information presented in paragraph 19 of Government Decree No. 111 of the Russian Federation and Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated April 13, 2020 No. 118, to purchase a child train ticket in 2021, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Baby's birth certificate.
  2. Certificate from the school (to receive the required student discount).
  3. A document confirming that the child belongs to a special group of beneficiaries/
  4. Passport of the accompanying parent for identification.

If the father takes the baby abroad (for vacation, competition, festival, etc.), a notarized permission to leave from the mother is required and vice versa. If both parents go on a trip, a power of attorney is not required.

Documents for a minor's trip abroad

If a minor goes on a trip with one of the parents, the consent of the other is not necessary.

To travel from Russia to another country by train, you will need a child’s international passport. If the child is included in the parent’s international passport, then a document for the child is not needed.

If the passport was issued before March 1, 2010, then a photograph of the child must be pasted into it.

If a minor is traveling unaccompanied, the consent of either parent is required (provided that the other parent does not object). If parents are absent, then guardians or other responsible persons give consent. The document must be notarized.

If a child is taken to the territory of another country by an adult (not a parent), he also needs a power of attorney from the parents, certified by a notary. If you are traveling with relatives, you will need a document that can confirm the fact of relationship.

At any time, the established rules for transporting children, including children's fares, benefits and discounts may change. Therefore, when planning a trip with minors, you need to contact the railway ticket office for more up-to-date information.

How to buy a children's train ticket online?

To buy children's train tickets in 2021 online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Step 1. In the search engine, enter the query “Buy railway ticket online in the Russian Federation” and enter the official website of Russian Railways (the second one in the screenshot).
  2. Step 2. Click on the “Buy a ticket” hyperlink (you can also check the train schedule in advance).

  3. Step 3. Fill in the fields “From” (place of departure), “To” (place of arrival), “There” (date of departure), “Back” (date of return arrival).

  4. Step 4. Click on the “Find” hyperlink.
  5. Step 5. Wait for the page to load and consider the options offered by the site.
  6. Step 6. Select a suitable location and click on it.
  7. Step 7. Make payment using a convenient method (electronic wallet, terminal, bank card).

What discounts and promotions are there on Russian Railways for children in 2021?

The following discounts and promotions are available for children's train tickets in 2021:

  1. For children under 5 years old. Travel is free with one condition - the child will sleep in the same bed as the accompanying parent. Valid on an ongoing basis.
  2. For children from 5 years old. The discount on the total ticket price is 65%. In this case, the baby is provided with a separate seat. The tariff is usually used by schoolchildren throughout the school year.
  3. Category from 10 years. Travel savings - 50%. Not valid for students of secondary education institutions aged 14 years or older.
  4. Trip to the CIS countries, the Baltics, Abkhazia. Russian Railways provides a 65% discount that works on an ongoing basis.
  5. Travel to Paris, Vienna, Prague, Nice. In this case, the parent will save 50% of the cost of the child's ticket. Also valid all year round.
  6. “Happy Holidays” promotion. The discount is also 50%, but only from June 1 to August 31.
  7. Free travel to all destinations. This category includes disabled children, orphans, from large and low-income families.
  8. 100% discount. Provided to a second child under 10 years of age, regardless of the number of accompanying adults, but for a SV carriage.

Features of travel on high-speed trains

There is a separate tariff system for high-speed trains. General rules for transporting children - up to 10 years old, accompanied by adults, up to 14 years old - independently, according to a certificate, after that, only with a passport.


The peculiarity of Sapsan is the presence of a special children's compartment, which is located in two carriages (10 and 20). They are a separate room with a children's compartment, the main part and access to the vestibule.

The compartment has suitable conditions for traveling with small children and newborns - soft flooring, changing facilities, a playpen, children's books.

Depending on your age, you can choose one of two tariffs:

  1. Under 10 years old – “Children”. The minimum cost limit is 360 rubles. This rule is valid for carriages of any category.
  2. From 10 to 21 years old - “Junior”. Registration is available only for those wishing to travel in economy and business class. The carrier provides a discount of 30% of the full cost, subject to age verification upon boarding.

Note: for trips with teenagers from 10 to 16 years old, a separate escort service is provided at a fixed cost of 1,600 rubles. However, payment is possible only at the main departure stations - in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Intermediate stations do not offer services for sale.


Other conditions are provided in soft cars traveling from Moscow to Berlin or Nizhny Novgorod:

  • if there is only one accompanying adult, then the discount is half the price (train tickets for children under 12 years old at the “Adult-Single” fare);
  • if there are two parents, then you can take 2 children under 4 years old, or one under 12, in excess of the norm - you will have to issue a separate paid ticket at the checkout.

Traveling in Strizha business class allows free use of trains for two children under 12 years old with one adult passenger.

Interestingly, the need for a zero-cost travel card exists only in Russia. There is no need to issue such a document abroad if the child is small enough for free travel.

Train ticket prices for children under 5 years old

If a small passenger is under 5 years of age, he is entitled to free train travel. In 2021, Russian Railways provides a 100% discount on travel in a vehicle in any direction. However, there is one limitation. A free train ticket for children is provided if the parent shares a bed with the child. The second seat cannot be occupied.

For your information

When receiving a 100% discount on a child's train ticket, you must take into account that it will not be possible to issue two children for one accompanying adult (the second child will have to pay the full price). The exception is the Luxury class carriage, where there is no restriction on the number of parents.

Service for accompanying children from Russian Railways

This service is provided for children aged 10 to 16 years, its cost is 1.5 thousand rubles. It turns out the service is as follows:

  • Two days before the train departs, you will need to contact one of the ticket offices. If there are less than two days before the train's departure, the service is provided at the discretion of the employees if there are empty seats in specialized compartments.
  • The following documents are provided: for the child, passport of one of the parents or representatives.
  • Next, fill out a special application, where you will need to indicate the contact information of the greeter.
  • Pay the cost of the ticket and the cost of the service.
  • Arrive at the station at least half an hour before the train departs and hand the child over to Russian Railways employees.
  • Children travel in a special compartment under the supervision of a trained Russian Railways employee.
  • If at the time of arrival the greeter is delayed, the children will be accommodated in a special waiting room.

This is a rather convenient service for those who are worried about their children, but cannot send them with anyone. The service can be purchased in the following cities: Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Adler.

Before the train departs, you can cancel the service, and the full cost will be returned to your parents.

Price of a train ticket for a child from 5 to 10 years old

For children from 5 to 10 years old in 2021, parents pay 35% of the cost of a railway ticket. The presence of an accompanying adult is required. This age category of children also has the right to free travel when accompanied by a parent. This applies only to luxury class carriages.


Until the age of 14, a small passenger does not have the right to travel on the train independently. The exception is when traveling to school. At the same time, you must have a student card or a certificate from the director with you.

Rules for transporting children's groups

Group transportation of children on a train is also subject to a number of rules that you need to know.

  • one adult, during group trips, can accompany no more than 12 children of different ages;
  • When boarding children under 14 years of age, they must present a birth certificate or a notarized copy;
  • the group leader must have a power of attorney for each child in the group;

We can finish with the basic rules for transporting children on a train. A power of attorney can be written by any parent or guardian. It must be notarized and be personal.

Cost of a railway ticket for children over 10 years old

In 2021, Russian Railways provides children over 10 years of age with a 50% discount on train travel. If a small passenger goes to study, a certificate from an educational institution will be required. This benefit is valid from September 1 to August 31. If a student graduates from 9th grade and enrolls in college, the condition for a discount on a child's train ticket is canceled, but other fares will become available, since the child acquires student status.


While continuing to study at school, discounts on children's train tickets in 2021 will remain in effect. A special category of beneficiaries are orphans, disabled people and children from large and low-income families who are entitled to free travel.

Free train travel for disabled children in 2021

For persons with disabilities, there are benefits on Russian Railways (Article 6.2. Federal Law No. 178 of July 17, 1999). To take advantage of free train travel for disabled children in 2021, you must present a document confirming the child’s incapacity. In addition, the cashier will check the availability of:

  • birth certificates/passports of the beneficiary;
  • passport of the accompanying adult;
  • power of attorney for departure (if the second parent remains).

One adult accompanying a disabled child also receives free train travel in 2021. The second guardian is obliged to pay for the trip according to the established tariff.

Electric trains and Aeroexpress

Suburban trains allow you to travel free of charge until you are 5 years old, and then up to 7 years old - at a child fare. The discount amount, depending on the region, ranges from 50 to 75%. In Adygea, the Krasnodar Territory, as well as the Voronezh, Tula and Tambov regions, there is no child tariff at all. Regional authorities also determine the amount of travel discounts for schoolchildren.

Children under 7 years old travel free on Aeroexpress trains, but without occupying a separate seat. It is advisable for parents to have a passport with them, which contains information about the child or his birth certificate. The driver has the right to demand a document if he doubts whether the passenger is older than the stated age.

Discounts on train tickets for children when traveling abroad

When traveling by train outside the Russian Federation in 2021, children also receive a discount. The percentage of savings depends on the chosen route and the age of the baby. Belonging to a separate preferential category of minor citizens also plays a role.

The Russian Railways company has established the following indicators for train discounts for children when traveling abroad in 2021:

  1. Traveling to the CIS countries, as well as the Baltics and Abkhazia - parents pay the child 35% of the total ticket price.
  2. Holiday trip to Paris, Vienna, Prague and Nice - save 50% on train fares.

The indicated discounts on children's train tickets apply to the age category from 5 to 10 years inclusive. At the same time, Russian Railways does not limit the benefits to time or season; benefits for the listed areas can be used all year round.


In 2021, the “Happy Holidays” promotion is active. The idea is to sell children's train tickets at half price. However, the disadvantage is that this discount is valid only in the summer - from June 1 to August 31.

What do you need to do for a comfortable trip?

If the trip is long, order meals. As a last resort, give your child plenty of non-perishable foods for the trip. Strictly prohibit leaving the train when stopping at stations - otherwise your child may not be able to navigate the time and risk being left on the platform in a foreign city.

Do not let your child travel on his own if he is unwell - on the train, under the influence of stress and stuffiness, he may become much worse, and there will be no one to help. In any case, the child must be provided with medications (with a list of what is what) and hygiene products. And also bring with you a mobile phone with a charger, a spare battery and a program that will help track its location. Don’t forget about the necessary clothes, an interesting book, a player, a sketchbook, handicrafts or a toy - it depends on what the child likes to do. But it’s better to leave valuables like a laptop at home. Inform those greeting you with the carriage number and train arrival time.

When can children be denied a discounted train ticket in 2021?

There are cases in which children may be denied a discounted train ticket in 2021. It is not possible to receive a discount in the following cases:

  • lack of a document confirming that the child belongs to a certain category (disabled person, orphan, etc.);
  • independent purchase of a train ticket without an adult (relevant for the age group under 14 years);
  • no certificate from school or student card, while using benefits for railway transport, during the study period from September 1 to May 31;
  • invalid documents for a child or accompanying adult.

Problems and nuances

A separate category in 2021 is represented by group (organized) trips for children. The conditions for such movements on railway transport are regulated by paragraph 24 of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 111. According to the normative act, in order to make a reservation or purchase children's tickets for a group of minors, a written request from the first head of the educational institution is required.

According to the Order of JSC Russian Railways No. 1493r dated 08/06/2007, an organized group of children consisting of 8 to 12 people must be accompanied by 1 adult - a teacher, educator, coach, class teacher, etc. If you travel by train outside the country, you will need a parental power of attorney.

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